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Are You Active Every Day?

Pay & Play

What if you planned a morning, afternoon or evening which doesn't involve a desk, a laptop or a phone? We dare you to try.


Have a look at what we offer, we may have something which suits you down to the ground.


Club Tasters

See the full list of tasters and trials which are taking place over the next couple of weeks.

Boar Article: Freshers’ flashback

Ralph Haville was once a bewildered fresher. Reminiscing on his early days at Warwick, he gives us his top tips for first years looking for clubs to join.


Mon 05 Oct '15
Sat 10 Oct '15
Mon 12 Oct '15
Wed 14 Oct '15

Swimming Pool Timetable

Swimming Pool Timetable

Take a look at this week's schedule

Opening Hours

Fri 09 Oct '15
7am - 10pm: Sports Centre
7:15am - 9:30pm: Tennis Centre
8am - 10pm: Westwood Games Hall
Sat 10 Oct '15
7am - 9:30pm: Sports Centre
7:15am - 7:30pm: Tennis Centre
9am - 9:30pm: Westwood Games Hall