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Climbing Centre


Here at the Bear Rock Climbing Centre, we're considered to be the best indoor climbing facility in the Midlands. New routes are set every week to keep things interesting so there's always a new challenge for you; We've hosted rounds of both the British Indoor Climbing Championships and the British Youth Championships!


  • Bendcrete built
  • High quality routes ranging from Grade 3 to 8a
  • New routes being set on a weekly basis (by local or in-house route setters)
  • Majority of routes are around the Grade 6 area
  • Routes to fit all abilities
  • Location: Sports Centre, First Floor (find on map)


  • Curved Resin Lead and Top Roping Walls
    • 11m high walls
    • Offer 60 routes from Grades 3 to 7b
    • Ranging from technical slabs and bridging routes, to powerful overhands, pockets and cracks
    • In-situ quick-draws are in place on all the lines and in-situ top ropes are in place on some lines
  • Featured Plywood Lead and Top Roping Walls
    • 11m high walls
    • Offer 40 routes from Grades 3 to 7a
  • Competition Wall
    • 13m high
    • Curved resin lead only feature
    • Overhangs up to 6m
    • Offers routes from 5+ up to 8a
    • Has in-situ quick draws in place on all lines
  • Bouldering
    • Variety of angles
    • Includes a 6m, 80 degree overhang and campus board
    • Approximately 100 problems which are changed regularly and vary from V0 to V11