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VO2 Max and Lactate testing with Team Warwick Performance Scholar, James McCarthy

JM_vo2maxWe took Team Warwick's 1500m specialist, James McCarthy, to see Jo Hankey (Senior Lecturer in Sports and Exercise Science) at Coventry University to analyse his VO2 max performance ahead of his season of racing. V02 max is the maximum rate at which the heart, lungs, and muscles can effectively use oxygen during exercise. It's known as the gold standard measure of physical fitness because it measures a person's individual aerobic capacity, something incredibly important when James' races are often decided by a matter of seconds!

The aim of Team Warwick Performance is to support student athletes to reach their potential. We do this by creating an environment of excellence both for individuals and teams. Our support team provides a full programme of strength & conditioning, nutrition, dedicated coaching, injury rehabilitation and much more.

Find out more about James and his goals for the 2016/17 season

Thu 06 April 2017, 18:46 | Tags: Students, Team Warwick