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Running & Swimming Grid Challenge

How far can you go in two weeks?

Monday 8 May 00:01am - Sunday 21 May 11:59pm

In this event the Running Grid Challenge is combined with the Swimming Grid Challenge.

The Challenge aims to create some friendly rivalry and challenge people to get themselves active in some shape or form.

Whether you regularly clock up hundreds of miles and could swim the channel or are completely new to running and don't regularly swim; take a break from work/exam/study stress to get moving.

Point System: The aim is to collect as many points as possible in 2 weeks, with 1 point being awarded for each kilometer run and 1 point for each 250 metres swum - points mean prizes!

  • Running, earn 1 point per person, per kilometre
  • Swimming, earn 1 point per person, per 250m

Ability levels

In response to participant feedback from last year's challenges, we have introduced two ability levels for this term's challenge.

  • Around the Block - Your team is mainly people who are new to running/swimming or don't regularly run/swim at the moment and want to use the challenge to increase their physical activity
  • Around the World - You have experienced runners/swimmers in your team who would train regardless of the challenge and are using the challenge to increase their training/for the competitive element/for the kudos of winnining the challenge!
  • An Around the Block team can have a maximum of 1/4 of their members who would define themselves as Around the World runners/swimmers
  • Levels can be changed at the discretion of the organiser if they are deemed to be incorrect to support the ethos of the challenge

The Challenge Rules

Log & Submit Your Activity:

  • Each participant must log their activity individually and submit evidence of the activity logged
  • Plus More

What Activity Can Be Submitted?:

  • All runs both indoors and outdoors count
  • The purpose of the activity must be to go for a run or swim
  • Plus More

" Thank you very much for facilitating this challenge that has definitely inspired more students to take up sports! " Sean Tan

" I had great fun taking part & the whole thing was a big success and continues to be a hot topic of conversation around the office. " John Carey

Why Should I Join?

During the last challenge we saw all levels of abilities from staff and students pit themselves against each other to walk, jog and run their way to becoming Warwick Active.

The challenge have proven a great way to spring board into running or swimming, You can join as a team or go solo, challenge yourself or bond as a team, whilst improving your health and fitness. So don't waste any time, sign up; get motivated and get moving!

How to Join

  • Gather a team of up to 20 people or join individually, decide your ability level (Around the Block or Around the World) and sign-up using this Online Form
  • Famliairise yourself with our Running Routes on campus, and wherever else you might like to run - there's loads of parks around to enjoy the outdoors
  • Check out our Running Groups, you can join with us or find something in your local area - Leamington and Coventry both have a free park run on Saturday mornings
  • Purchase your Membership or Bundle for quick and easy access to the Swimming Pool.
  • Take a look at the Swimming Pool and Sauna Timetable to see what times you would like to swim and don't forget you can use the Sauna to really relax those muscles after your workout
  • Now you're almost ready to start, all you need to do now is check out the rules of the challenge (listed on the right)
  • N.B. The challenge is only open to Bronze and above members of Warwick Sport (this includes ALL Warwick students and staff and external members).

Prize Positions

A Leaderboard will be shared with participants half way through the event.

Prizes will be awarded in both ability levels for the following titles:

Best Male Individual Best Female Individual
Best Male Runner Best Female Runner
Best Male Swimmer Best Female Swimmer
Best Effort Best Team Overall

Previous Results:

2016 Term 2 Running & Swimming Grid Challenge click here

Top Individuals:

1st - Jospeh Livesey (466.75Km)

2nd - Joshua Patel (334.5km)

3rd - Scott Jenkins (306km)

Last Years Running Grid Challenge click here