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What is Sportmark? Apply Now

Sportmark is an annual recognition of sports club standards. Sportmark has been designed to only relate specifically to sports clubs at the University of Warwick. Any sports club within the University can apply to become an accredited club within a specific category.

The categories are as follows:

Sportmark Big LogoHow does it work?

Within each category a club can be awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold based on meeting the required criteria. Clubs can also apply for multiple categories and receive rewards for all the categories in which they meet the criteria. Clubs that are awarded multiple categories will only be rewarded financially for their highest accreditation – not all their accreditations.

Sportmark Explainer - Club 1 Sportmark Explainer Sportmark Explainer - Club 3

Silver in Community

Nothing in Competition

Bronze in Participation

Nothing in Community

Gold in Competition

Nothing in Participation

Bronze in Community

Gold in Competition

Gold in Participation