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Student Counselling and Information

The University Counselling Service (UCS) is available to students registered with the University of Warwick, at any level of study and no fee is charged.

Our belief is that if you can function well psychologically and emotionally, you are more able to function to your potential, both personally and academically.

The UCS offers students:

  • face-to-face individual counselling* - beneficial if you want to talk through your issues in person, at a pre-scheduled appointment time, for 50 minutes

  •  email counselling* - helpful to be able to write down your issues and see your own words so you can reflect on them, and useful if you want to take charge of when you choose to allocate time to your issues
  • group* therapy– valuable if you want to consider how you function in relation to others and if you are keen to invest in ongoing personal development
  • specific issue workshops – suitable if you want to learn about specific issues in a supportive learning environment with a small group of others who are interested in developing strategies to help manage similar concerns
  • self help resources – helpful if you are interested in finding out more about your issues and seeking strategies to help yourself, accessible 24/7 and with links to a range of resources

* It is important to choose to register for only ONE of these options

Comments from those who have used the UCS include:

"I identified the origin of my problem and developed ways of tackling the issue"

"Counselling helped me to understand that what I was feeling wasn't so strange and that talking about it can really help"

"Counselling helped me understand why I was feeling particular emotions and helped me get to the bottom of certain areas I was finding difficult to explore"

"I feel like I understand myself and my thoughts better. I understand the impact of my negative thoughts and am now developing strategies to overcome them"

Wellbeing: As part of Student Support Services, the University offers a Wellbeing Advice Service. you may like to consider visiting the Wellbeing Advisor if you have general queries about your wellbeing - for details of open times (including regular drop-in sessions) see (NB this service is held in University House)

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Tip: if you want face-to-face counselling - register sooner rather than later - don't wait until your issue becomes a crisis.

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