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Your University Card is your evidence of being a student or staff member at the University. It contains your name, membership number, a photograph and indication of membership status e.g. undergraduate student postgraduate student, staff visitor etc. University cards are issued in line with university policy. more...

Cards for students are made generally made available and handed out at the start of your first term, cards for staff are usually printed on your first day. However if you have not received your card (and you have already started) then select one of the links on the left to find further information.

If you are not on the staff payroll and are not a student on an accredited course then you will not be issued with a card automatically but you may still be eligible. Follow the Visitor link to the right to determine what might be available.

If your card is lost (or stolen) then you should report it straight away and obtain a new card. Lost and stolen cards should be reported to University House reception desk during normal office hours or using the online form at any time. Replacement cards may be obtained from University House reception 10am - 3pm Monday through Friday, or Senate House reception (see Lost and stolen cards for opening times)

Are you entitled to a card?

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