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University of Warwick recognised by Bill Gates for work to combat neglected tropical diseases

Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has recognised the work being done by the University of Warwick to combat neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in a speech at the Geneva Summit on NTDs.


Wed 26 April 2017, 15:12 | Tags: Warwick Ventures, Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Warwick polymers in NASA-funded launch to high altitude

Anti-freeze polymers designed by the University of Warwick have been launched into high altitude as part of a successful NASA-funded project in the USA.

Wed 12 April 2017, 15:25 | Tags: Chemistry

Plan to reduce strawberry waste through cryogenics wins Warwick Ventures pitching contest

A novel, though fictitious, method for cryogenically preserving British strawberries won top prize in a business competition for postgraduate researchers.

Run by the University of Warwick’s Science Park and supported by Warwick Ventures, the contest was the culmination of a Business Innovation and Commercialisation course aimed at PhD researchers in the Science Faculty.

Mon 03 April 2017, 13:19 | Tags: Warwick Ventures, Chemistry

Funding Invoice founder named 'one to watch' in 2017

The founder of Warwick spin out, Funding Invoice, has been named one of 20 young entrepreneurs to watch in 2017 by the website

Aamar Aslam set up the company after he graduated from the University of Warwick in 2015. Its aim was to help businesses struggling with cashflow while waiting for invoice to be paid. In under two years, the company has lent more than £6 million and Aamar is confident this will increase to £20 million during 2017.

Click here to read Aamar's profile on

Wed 29 March 2017, 11:14 | Tags: Software Incubator

Our seas have become a plastic graveyard - but can technology turn the tide?

Warwick spin-out company, Recycling Technologies, explains to The Telegraph how its recycling processes could help tackle the world's waste plastic mountains.

The company's new plant, opened in Swindon, Wiltshire, uses a technique called pyrolysis, which "cracks" plastic into more basic molecules to form an oil called Plaxx, which can then be used as a fuel, or to make new plastic. Operators say the new plant will be able to process the plastic of the entire town

The company has also recently released a new video explaining how the pyrolysis process works.

Wed 15 February 2017, 10:07

Transfer of Warwick Ventures Limited’s activities to the University of Warwick


The University has approved the transfer of the existing activities of Warwick Ventures Limited, the wholly-owned subsidiary company of the University, to Warwick Ventures as a department of the University.

This is a change of corporate structure only and the research translation services that Warwick Ventures provides to academic Departments will not change as a result of this transfer.

As currently for the subsidiary, Warwick Ventures will operate within the Knowledge Group, comprising the Library and Research & Impact Services. This change is planned to facilitate stronger and seamless Impact support services by enabling closer working between the three.

The move demonstrates the University’s continuing strong commitment to technology transfer and Warwick Ventures as means of delivering economic and social Impact from its world-renowned research.

Wed 08 February 2017, 15:18

New software for tracking cellular shape changes

New software that can track how biological cells respond to chemical signals and change their shape is being offered free to academic researchers.

Called QuimP, the software is useful in many areas of life sciences research, including screening for novel drugs, discrimination between healthy and malignant cells, and basic research into how cells of our immune system migrate, for example.

It was developed at the University of Warwick’s Department of Computer Science, by Dr Till Bretschneider and has been licensed for academic use by Warwick Ventures, the University’s technology transfer company.

Visit the QuimP website for further details

Wed 08 February 2017, 13:39 | Tags: Computing

Mass Spec goes 2D

No longer side-lined as a computationally-hungry scientific curiosity, two-dimensional mass spectrometry is becoming a fully-fledged analytical technique. Dr Maria van Agthoven explains to Laboratory News how the device she and Professor Peter O'Connor have invented, in the Department of Chemistry, could make this technique widely available for the first time, leading to a revolution in the pharmacuetical and biomedical communities.

Click here for licensing opportunity details.

Mon 23 January 2017, 12:55 | Tags: Chemistry

In search of the stroke detector

Warwick neuroscientist Professor Nick Dale talks to the Observer about the SMARTChip stroke diagnostic tool he developed, and about Sarissa Biomedical, the spin out company set up by Warwick Ventures to commercialise the technology.

Mon 23 January 2017, 10:12 | Tags: Warwick Ventures, Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Warwick spin-out takes off with International Airlines Group accelerator

Warwick Analytics, a University of Warwick spin-out, is one of just four companies selected to join a global business accelerator programme launched by International Airlines Group. The programme, called Hangar 51, aims to create new partnerships that can improve customer experience and introduce new digital technologies. Warwick Analytics, specialists in developing automated predictive analytics to detect problems in manufacturing processes, will join the Data-Driven Decisions category of the accelerator.

Thu 12 January 2017, 11:01 | Tags: Engineering

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