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International Scholarships

Please view the scholarship portal on the Graduate School website for all University-wide and department specific scholarships. All international partner and general scholarships can be found below. Click on the name of the scholarship or click on the search by country link to find scholarships available to you.

This list is not comprehensive and research through websites such as is recommended.

Banco de mexico Bolashak Bright Futures Canadian Centenntial Chevening Warwick Chevening Scholarship Colfuturo Commonwealth Concytec CSC CONACyT Friends of Warwick Singapore Scholarship Fulbright FUNED GREAT British Scholarship Guatefuturo Hammond Trust Hondufuturo Japan IMF Jean Monet Li Xiaoming OFID Pearson Pronabec Reid Trust SAID Foundation Santander SENESCYT Servir Singapore Government SWB Trudeau Scholarship Tullow Group Warwick HK Alumni Scholarship Marshall WWS