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China Scholarship Council

China Scholarship Council

China Scholarship Council (CSC) are able to offer Chinese Postgraduate students scholarship to cover living expenses for study in the UK. . These scholarships are available to encourage exceptionally qualified Chinese nationals to study at postgraduate level.

How to Apply

  • Apply directly to the China Scholarship Council before the deadline published on their website.
  • Full details of how to apply to the CSC can be obtained from the China Scholarship Council website

Warwick Awards

Students who successfully obtain a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council for 2017 entry may be eligible for further funding towards tuition fees for PhD degrees at Warwick, based on the campus in the UK. Please complete this form with information on your award, and information will be sent to you on the funding opportunities available.

Please note that the Warwick-China Scholarship previously offered is not running for 2017 entry.

Contacts Us

Any questions? eastasia at warwick dot ac dot uk