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Money required

Please make sure that you show the required maintenance funds for you and all of your dependants who are applying for immigration permission. If not, all applications will be refused. 

How much money will my dependants need to evidence?

Each dependant must show £680 for each month of study up to a maximum of 9 months.

Please read all of the sections on 'Money Required' of the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) Dependant guidance very carefully, along with the PBS Dependant Policy Guidance and the Tier 4 Policy Guidance.

Do I have an Established Presence?

From 12 November 2015, there is no longer an 'established presence' provision. ALL students and their dependants must show they have enough money to support themselves for each month of remaining study, up to a maximum of nine months, whichever is shorter (part month is rounded up to one month).

(If you are making a Tier 4 application as a dependant under the Doctorate Extension Scheme, then established presence, now known as reduced maintenance still applies. Applicants and dependants for this category of leave will only need to show that they have enough money for two months)

Do my family members need to show financial evidence if their nationality is on the list of 'low risk nationalities' issued by the UKVI?