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Students' Union

"Run by students, for students, Warwick Students' Union is one of the largest, and most active in the country."

Students' Union Exterior

Warwick SU offers lots of opportunities to get involved – to meet people, learn valuable organisational skills and help shape what happens at Warwick. You can reach the entire University community through the student media – Warwick’s award-winning campus radio station (RaW), the weekly student newspaper, the Warwick Boar, or even Warwick Television. The Union also runs massive events throughout the year, including One World Week, the Warwick Economics Summit, and the Warwick Student Arts Festival – some of the largest student festivals in the world.

Clubs and societies

The Union supports over 250 societies and 70 sports clubs, covering the most diverse interests – political, campaigning, welfare, music, drama, volunteering and much more. Being involved in a society means meeting like-minded people, and also receiving training in skills and knowledge that will be invaluable throughout your University career and beyond.


Sports Clubs

Representing Students

Sabbatical Officers

Warwick SU represents students at all levels – from course representatives, through staffstudent liaison committees to the University’s key decision making body, the Senate. It is run by students, for students, with elected Sabbatical officers and an elected Union Council.

Brand New Building

The beginning of 2010 saw the opening of the new Union building after a £11 million redevelopment. There is now a self-contained, multi-room nightclub with its own chill-out bar – one of the best venues in the region, bringing A-List live acts to Warwick. You can also sample a range of great club nights – the light-hearted cheesiness of ‘Pop’, the weekly party of ‘Top Banana’, the Drum ‘n’ Bass of ‘Pressure’ or the eclectic indie tunes of ‘Electric City’ – while the fortnightly ‘Comedy Network’ offers some of the best stand-up in the UK. Warwick SU also has spaces where no alcohol is served – for example, our traditional teashop ‘Curiositea’.