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Centre for Applied Linguistics

  • In the last two years alone our PhD researchers have published 19 academic papers or chapters, including six in internationally peer-reviewed journals.
  • You will be taught and supervised by academic staff at the forefront of debates in their field. In the last five years our academics have given 197 papers in 34 different countries.
  • Our three key specialisms centre on English Language Learning, Teaching and Assessment; Professional and Academic Discourse; and Working and Communicating across Cultures.
  • Our flexible taught Master’s programme attracts qualified, trained and experienced teachers, as well as trainee teachers, lecturers and Ministry of Education staff from around the world.
  • The British Council’s Culture at Work Report (2013) stated: ‘Employers are under strong pressure to find employees who are not only technically proficient, but also culturally astute and able to thrive in a global world environment.’ Our degree nurtures these qualities, giving you a competitive advantage in the graduate employment market.
  • Graduate destinations include Lecturer and TESOL Co-ordinator, British University in Dubai;
    Editor, Macmillan Education; ESL Multimedia Materials Developer, HESS International;
    Development Officer, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education; Assistant Professor, Tokiwa University


In a way, I came back to Warwick as a result of my wonderful Master’s degree experience. Thanks to my tutors’ encouragement and support, I managed to secure a Warwick Postgraduate Research Scholarship to undertake my PhD studies. This new opportunity has allowed to me explore new academic opportunities in a dynamic, rigorous, and friendly environment. Thanks to CAL’s facilities, human capital and positive atmosphere I have been able to publish work, speak at conferences and explore some teaching in my department.

On another note, my job prospects have changed and seem to promise further changes in the near future. After completing my MA in English Language Teaching, I was offered a position at the Ministry of Education in my province in Argentina. Therefore, I began to combine teaching teenagers in state education with becoming involved in curriculum design and teacher development programmes. Now that I have started my research in the integration of content and language teaching, a top university in Buenos Aires has offered me a post as tutor in their BEd and MA programmes after discovering that I am doing my PhD at Warwick University.

Dario Luis Banegas
PhD, Centre for Applied Linguistics


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