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Part-Year Module Handbook


The Part-Year Module Handbook contains the approved methods of examination and assessment for Study Abroad students who are on placement at the University of Warwick for part of the academic year only. If you are a full academic year Study Abroad Student you must follow standard methods of examination and assessment your base department will be able to assist with this. Currently this page shows the part-year module handbook for the 2015/16 academic year.

• The methods listed in the handbook have been formally approved by University Committee and must be selected in order to receive academic credit for your studies at Warwick.

• You are not permitted to make informal arrangements with module tutors.

• Failure to select an approved method of examination or assessment will result in a zero mark on the transcript provided at the end of your placement here at Warwick.

• The most common examination or assessment method for part-year students not present during the Summer examinations period is ‘VA’ (visiting assessment).

• If you will be present during the Summer Examinations period, please select the appropriate alternative method as selecting ‘VA’ will result in you not being allocated a seat in the examinations hall.

• When you have identified the appropriate examination method from this Handbook, you will be required to register them on e-MR.

• Full details about how to register your modules will be given at the Welcome Meeting on Monday 5th October 2015 / Monday 11th January 2016.

Please note that Study Abroad students will not be able to re-sit any examinations.



Social Sciences

Centre for Renaissance Studies
Classics & Ancient History
English & Comparative Literary Studies
Film & Television Studies
History of Art
Language Centre
Modern Languages and Cultures
Theatre, Performance & Cultural Policy Studies

Computer Science
Life Sciences


Centre for Education Studies
Politics and International Studies
Warwick Business School


Group Students 

Click here to view the table showing department availability for part-year students. This shows which terms Academic Departments accept part-year students for each term of study.

Click here to view the full Module Catalogue, which contains the description, outline and learning outcomes for all modules.