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Academic Life

Cutting edge research

The secret to creating a truly iconic and innovative video game; the first comprehensive review and identification of cancer blood markers as a step towards blood tests for multiple cancer types; and the mathematical property that holds the key to ecosystem survival. These are just a handful of recent breakthroughs made by Warwick academics.

Find out how you can get involved.

Innovative teaching

You don’t go to university intending to graduate unchanged. You want your thinking to be transformed. You want to see the world from new perspectives. Our Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL) is focused on encouraging and supporting staff and students to push the boundaries of learning and bringing teaching to life outside of the traditional classroom space.

Discover how our committed teaching staff will help make this happen.

Flexible learning

Our courses and facilities allow for maximum flexibility. You can pursue interdisciplinary modules, browse thousands of archives at the Modern Records Centre and explore cultural texts and electronic media at the Transnational Resources Centre. And if you see yourself taking on the world we can provide you with study abroad opportunities and equip you with the best language skills via our Language Centre.

Naomi de la Tour

NaomiIATL Teaching Fellow

I am inviting students to take risks, to reflect openly on their processes and practices… and to experiment with different ways of learning and thinking. These are the conditions that can lead to transformative learning experiences.

Sarah Gray

SarahHistory and URSS Participant

I’ve taken part in the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme twice now. It’s great to be able to explore a strand of my subject that I hadn’t covered through my A levels or my degree. My first project was to help one of our professors find 100 objects that could be exhibited over 100 days to commemorate the fall of Napoleon.