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How can you support the bid?

Create your avatar and add your voice to the bid

Mini MeThe City of Culture bid team have created a brilliant new way to show your support - build your own mini-me, accessorise, add your message and share across social media.

Help create Coventry's 2Tone taxi

2 tone taxiBBC Coventry & Warwickshire needs your help to decorate a taxi to celebrate the city and the people in it.
Coventry is famous for the 2 Tone music of the 1970s ska scene and manufacturing the iconic London Taxi.
Our 2Tone Taxi will hit the streets this autumn to tell the story of the city - the music, the monuments and the people.

The team want to hear about the hidden gems - the characters and places you think we should be proud of and shout about. It could be the park at the end of your street, the site of an old factory or a junction on the ring road.
You can get in touch through the BBC website or their Facebook page.

Get involved!

How can you get involvedAlthough the initial bid has been submitted and we are expecting an announcement on the shortlisted cities in July, we still need your help!

The key task for the next few weeks will be to promote Coventry's bid and building as much public awareness as possible. you can download a guide on how people can help promote us, including following @coventry2021 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

alex_buxton.jpg c-vqkmawsae1yog.jpg img_4206.jpg img_20170426_122117.jpg warwick_welcome1.jpg img_20170426_122429.jpg warwick_welcome3.jpg  

So here’s where you come in

… we need as many people as possible to get behind the bid and show their support, we hope you will want to help:

  • Following us on social media is a great start; follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @Coventry2021 but even better encourage your followers to do the same and share what you’re up to in the city using #ThisisCoventry. You can also sign up to the newsletter at to make sure you keep up to date with the developments of the bid
  • Go and explore; If you’re not familiar with the city and amazing things that are going on all the time, take a look – see what people are saying with #thisiscoventry and go and experience them
  • Show your support; we have car stickers to pop in your car and some lovely colourful badges you can wear to show your support too – these will be in public places across campus so please help yourself and spread the word. You can also add the principal partner logo to email signatures
  • Tell us what you know; what are your favourite things about the city? Could you write a blog? Are you working on a project with Coventry groups? we would love to hear from you to share your experiences
  • Keep in touch; we will post updates across our webpages and share across central channels

We hope you’ll join us on our journey for Coventry to become UK City of Culture 2021: a city of peace and reconciliation, a city of stories, a city of innovation, a city of culture.

WEIRD and wonderful art is set for the streets of Coventry


A team of digital artists is inviting residents to help create a more vibrant travel experience in the city.

Ludic Rooms, based at Studio 20/21 at the Canal Basin have been selected as Digital Artists in Residence for Coventry’s UK City of Culture 2021 bid.

They want people to think of fun, innovative and digital methods to bring to life the way they travel around the city centre.

Dom Breadmore, creative director of Ludic Rooms, said: “Our aim is to encourage people to think differently, to look at, for example, a bus stop, how we can use that differently, digitally and how everyday life might look in a future city.” Ludic Rooms will be hosting a series of workshops in the next few weeks to discuss how playful gadgets and gizmos could make travelling through Coventry more fun.

The workshops hope to reach more than 300 people, representative of different backgrounds, ages and cultures.

Following this, the team will select prototypes to display at a public exhibition in July at the new CET Building popup art space in the former Coventry Telegraph offices in Corporation Street, city centre.

A number of the prototypes designed by the community will also be developed by the Ludic Rooms’ team of artists and technologists into playful interactive artworks for a week-long takeover of the city streets in October - popping up in different locations at different times throughout the week.

Dom said: “We want to engage a city of creators, working with people to represent their experiences and creating artworks that spark the imagination of local people. Our creative process will be taking the public’s ideas – these moments of magic – and making them a reality.”

Laura McMillan, manager of Coventry City of Culture Trust, said: “Digital art and culture is a major element of our bid to be UK City of Culture so we are thrilled to be working with Ludic Rooms.”

Coventry is bidding to be UK City of Culture in 2021

time is rightThe UK City of Culture is a competition run by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport every four years, created after Liverpool and Glasgow were completely transformed by winning European Capital of Culture which is only available for UK cities to bid for every 18 years. Derry/Londonderry held the title in 2013 and Hull is currently celebrating it’s 2017 year.

Winning City of Culture 2021 will transform our city forever. The young people that are in our schools right now will grow up in a city with more job prospects, a thriving programme of events to enjoy, more places to eat, shop and visit with a bustling city centre, it’s about changing the reputation of a city. The Heritage Lottery Fund has also pledged to give £3m to the winning city in 2021.

You only have to see the positive changes that have happened to Hull in the short time since they were announced as the UK City of Culture for 2017 to understand what an amazing transformative effect it could have on Coventry - Hull has already seen a £1bn investment and it is estimated that the city's economy will have a £60m boost this year and saw a 14% increase in tourism even before their year began. It expects to see a continued legacy of investment and growth for at least the next 10 years.
The perception of Hull is changing by the day, and we would love the same to happen here. Coventry needs this.

Warwick is one of the principal partners supporting the bid, along with Coventry University and Coventry City Council – we are leading on research and programming and committed to the success of the city and wider region - having a stronger city at the heart of our region will benefit everyone – universities, businesses, infrastructure and bring economic as well as cultural impact to the region.

Two minutes with...Meet Professor of Creative Education, Jonothan Neelands, as he explains why Warwick is involved with projects such as the Cultural Strategy and Coventry City of Culture.

Game on!

show_your_support.pngThe competition for UK City of Culture 2021 has now been officially launched. Warwick is proud to be fully behind the bid as one of the principal partners and getting our community engaged and involved with the bid over the next few months. We will be highlighting ways you can support the bid over the next few months - in the meantime, show your support by following them on social media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @coventry2021.

Previous campaigns

Help fill the Cathedral ruins...

Tell us what you want from a City of Culture

Help fill the Cathedral ruins...

cathedral ruins

Fancy being part of a big ol' get together to wave off the initial bid before we submit it to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport on Friday 28th April?
Well here's your chance!

On Tuesday 25th April, 4:30pm we are hoping to fill the cathedral ruins with as many of you as possible to really demonstrate the vibrancy and diversity that is at the heart of Coventry - please come in costume, in groups, with colleagues, friends, partners, your favourite hat, your school uniform – however you want – just as long as you come.
You’ll be helping us create a truly unique image that will back our bid to become UK City of Culture 2021.
Please help spread the word! #thisiscoventry

To help us keep track of numbers etc. we would appreciate if you could RSVP via the below link:

Tell us what you want from a City of Culture

Talking Birds cart

The Talking Birds Cart will be outside the Arts Centre Bookshop Wednesday 26 April 11am - 3pm during market day.

Please come and say hello but also tell us what you would want to see from Coventry bid.

The Cart, produced by community arts group Talking Birds, is a pop-up social space for social interactions and offers a friendly, relaxed space to chat over a shared activity.

The cart will be on campus as part of a city-wide tour to get people of all ages and backgrounds even more engaged with the bid.

Competition time!

lovecovt.jpgDo you #LoveCov? Share a picture, video, or whatever you fancy, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to show us what you love about Cov, making sure you use the hashtag #LoveCov and mentioning Coventry UK City of Culture bid 2021, and you could win a meal for two at Leave it to Esmie, the fabulous new Caribbean restaurant at Fargo Village.

You can also download the heart template here.

Callout for ideas NOW OPEN

As our City of Culture bid activity builds momentum, the bid team are looking for exciting, creative and ambitious ideas that could form part of a Coventry UK City of Culture programme in 2021. They're looking for a range of projects that will engage with the youth and diversity of the city, reach all sections of the population and attract national and international visitors.

And most importantly, they’re looking for extraordinary ideas. It’s time for our city to take centre stage and show the world all that Coventry has to offer.

The deadline for submissions has been extended to Friday 13 January, so make sure you get your ideas in and join us on the next exciting step of the journey.

Find out more and apply here.


Support community engagement through volunteering

The bid team are asking everyone in the city what they would like to see in that year and giving them the opportunity to help shape the bid. The community engagement team are looking for volunteers to make visits to schools to ask groups of school children what they think.

  • Do you like chatting to people? (required!)
  • Do you like culture? (preferred)
  • Can you speak other languages? (not required)
  • Can you spare a couple of hours now and again? (required)

Each visit will take about an hour of your time and will involve travelling to schools around the city. The bid team will arrange the meetings and will provide with all the training you will require. You can make as many or as few visits as you are able. This work will play an important role in allowing the voices of children and young people get heard.

If you are interested please contact:

Heather on chat at coventry2021 dot co dot uk or call her on 07808 002005

Currently, the main support you can give to Coventry2021 is to actively support the bid; Follow and share updates on social media, go to the advanced programme events and share what you love about the city.

show_your_support.pngFollow @coventry2021, use #thisiscoventry on posts and support the city on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

backing the bidDownload the 'I'm backing the bid' poster, take a picture of you, your friends, family or colleagues and upload to social media using #thisiscoventry.


Sign up for the newsletter on for updates.

Come and see different things in your city, support local artists and venues - show your support, however you can.