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Professor Neil McWilliam

MA, PhD (Oxford)

Room H237 | Office Hours: Tuesdays 10-12

Professor McWilliam is on leave 2002-2003.
Research | Publications | Recent Activities

I am currently researching a book-length study on Nationalism and the Visual Arts in the French Third Republic, 1871-1914. This will be completed with an accompanying monograph on Regionalism, Ethnography and the Depiction of the French Peasant from the Revolution to Vichy.



  • Monumental Intolerance. Jean Baffier, A Nationalist Sculptor in fin-de-siècle France (Penn State Press, 2000)

Monumental Intolerance. Jean Baffier

  • Hogarth (Studio Editions, London, 1993)
  • Dreams of Happiness. Social Art and the French Left 1830-1850 (Princeton University Press, 1993)
  • With Vera Schuster, Richard Wrigley and Pascale Méker A Bibliography of Salon Criticism in Paris from the Ancien Régime to the Restoration 1699-1827, (Cambridge University Press, 1991)
  • A Bibliography of Salon Criticism in Paris from the July Monarchy to the Second Republic 1831-1850, (Cambridge University Press, 1991)
  • (with Veronica Sekules) editor of Life and Landscape: the Photographs of P.H. Emerson, catalogue for an exhibition mounted by the Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts, Norwich, (Summer 1986)

Articles, Review Articles and chapters in books (selected):

  • 'Von "Marat" bis "Thermidor": Die Interpretation der Revolution in der Dritten Republik in Frankreich' in Gudrun Gersmann and Hubertus Kohle (eds.) Revolution, Republik und Reaction: Der Umgang mit dem Erbe der Französischen Revolution 1889-1914 (in press)
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  • 'Commemoration and the Politics of Iconoclasm: The Battle over "les Statues dreyfusardes", 1908-1910', in W. Reinink and J. Strumpel (eds.), Memory and Oblivion Acts of the XXIXth International Congress of the History of Art, Amsterdam 1996, Erasmus Boekhandel bv, Amsterdam, 1999.
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  • 'A Microcosm of the Universe. The Building of the University Museum', Oxford Art Journal, vol. 1, no. 1, 1978, pp. 23-7.

Recent Activites
  • Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 1997-98
  • Editor, Art History, 1987-93
  • 'Avant-Garde Anti-Modernism: Nationalism and the Search for Nationhood in Fin-de-Siècle Montmartre,' 'France 1900. Visual, Literary and Political Cultures' conference, University of Bristol, November 1999
  • 'Black Cats, Mad Cows and Golden Calves: Nationalism and Anti-Semitism in Fin-de-Siècle Montmartre,' 'France: History and Story' conference, University of Birmingham, July 1999
  • 'Art, Literature and the Working Class in mid 19th-Century France,' Department of French, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, April 1998
  • 'Commemorating Dreyfus,' Princeton University, April 1998
  • 'Memorialising Marat: Commemoration and Conflict over the Revolutionary Legacy in Third Republic France', CAA conference, New York, February 1997
  • 'Commemoration and the Politics of Iconoclasm: The Battle over "les Statues dreyfusardes", 1908-1910', 29th International Congress of the History of Art, Amsterdam, September 1996
  • 'Millet and His Critics', Haus der Kunst, Munich, colloquium on "'Les Amis de la nature'. Barbizon und seine Künstler" organised by the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte and the Doerner Institute, March 1996
  • 'Bad Art or Bad Intentions? Coming to terms with Jean Baffier', CAA conference, San Antonio, February 1995

Prof Neil McWilliam