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Offer-holder and Open Days: Staff Rota

some details for last year open days and ohod now held at

Open Day Sat 23 Sept

In charge - Paul Prescott

Presentations - 10-11am OC 0.03 and 2.45-3.45 OC 1.05

Staff -

Jonathan Skinner (ELCW)

PP (QW34)

Harley Ryley (alumn)

Tess Q300

?? Eng and Hist

Gayle + student - Transformations, day in life of

Drop in Session H0.60, open 10 - 4.15 or so - 2 staff, 5 - 8 students

Anthony, Sophie 'student blogger' Miller ELCW, Jorun 'SSLC' Bork ELCW, Amy Hodkin (ELCW on loan from WWS), Ruth 'Transformations' Arundel (Q300), Dom Lam (Q300), Lou Scholes (ETS to MA English)

I am asking these (18Sept) - Leo Han (ETS),

Not available = Ellen Lavelle (ELCW MAW busy) , Irene Zahariadis (ELCW not yet back), Shannon Neill (left), Emily Fung (Q300 study abroad), Sam Keeling (Q300 - busy),

then there is setting up and tidying up afterwards - add an hour each end.

Lunch booking here - for staff only.

I have ordered campus catering for our students (10 in total) and coffee for 60.

Open Day -Sat 21 October

student helpers -

Ellen Lavelle ELCW/ MAW, Irene Zahariadis ELCW, Sophie Miller ELCW, Jorun Bork ELCW

Open Days - June 2018

students - Emily Fung is on study abroad till end May, may be with WWS for june open days.


Student helpers from June - copy here as easier to look at.


Who? Degree Unitemps days times and places
Emily Fung Q300 y   NA - with WWS till 4 pm
Alexandra Chrysanthou Q300 y   with WWS but deployed as seems good to us.
Sophie Miller ELCW y both all of it!
Jorun Bork ELCW y both all of it
Katyana Rocker-Cook ELCW, now MAW   both all of it.
Carrie Roberts Q300   both all of it
Shannon Neill E & F y Friday all of it
Allick McCallum ELCW to MAW   both all
Amy Hodkin ELCW     NA with WWS