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Request for External Lecturing

This form is for module convenors to fill in to request lecturing from non-main-contract staff on their modules for the coming academic year. All requests for such lecturing must go through this form for audit purposes, and a lecturer will not normally be paid unless the procedure is followed. You must include all lecturing by PhD students; external experts; and post-docs teaching in the department, whether they are on the sessional teaching programme or funded by research councils or e.g. Leverhulme. You should not normally include teaching fellows or senior teaching fellows on fixed-term contracts because their contracts include lecturing.

Please consider carefully before you make the request whether it might be possible to find a permanent member of staff to fill this slot, so as to save costs. There are good reasons for having outside lecturers, of course, such as because of their expertise or, in the case of PhD students, as part of their professional development. In the latter case, department finances indicate that if one cannot find a permanent staff member to give the lecture, a PhD student with expertise in that area would be a good choice, but that a permanent staff member would be preferable.

All requests will be considered by the Teaching Allocation Committee and the Head of Department. Alison Lough will let you know the outcome when your request has been considered. All requests should be made as soon as possible and certainly before July 15th, when module syllabi must be finalised.

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The data on this form relates to your request to appoint an external lecturer. The date and time of your submission, your identity and the request you have submitted will all be stored, but will not be used for any purpose other than administering and recording your request and setting the lecturer up on the University's payment system.
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