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Staff Resources A - Z


Absence Protocol

Guidance for staff on how and when to follow up student absences from seminars.

Academic Administrative Roles

See link for details of current post holders and process guides:


Accommodation enquiries and bookings for guests/speakers/visitors can be made via email to: or by telephone on: 024 7657 3925

Please be ready to advise the enquiry team of the following information:

  • number and type of rooms required - see website
  • date of arrival and departure
  • name(s) of guest(s) requiring accommodation
  • cost code to be charged to

Please note: all the usual financial regulations must be adhered to when making bookings.

Admininstrative Office Staff Roles

Please see English and CLS Office Staff Roles for reference.

Annual Leave

See the above link for the University's annual leave policy.

Academic staff are expected to take their annual leave entitlement during university vacation time. Please notify Amanda Dougill (PA to HoD) in advance of taking leave. If you choose not to declare your annual leave then you will not be able to request payment for any untaken leave should you leave the employment of the university.

Attendance Registers

We no longer produce paper attendance registers. Tutors are now required to provide this information directly to Tabula. If you wish to pass a paper copy of a register around in a seminar, blank registers are available in the Common Room, but you will still be required to complete the information on Tabula within a suitable timescale.

Audio-Visual Equipment

If you need to report a fault with audio-visual equipment in a teaching room please complete the online form.

If you require urgent assistance (for example if the fault occurs during a class) then call (024 765) 22463 and a technician will be sent out as soon as possible to try and resolve the issue and minimise time wasted.


Bins, Recycling and Confidential Waste

Information regarding recycling and disposing of confidential waste can be found at:

Please note that the University is actively discouraging the use of indivdual bins and has placed large landfill and recyled material bins in convenient locations in every department. You will find a set of communal bins at each end of the corridor on each floor of the Humanities Building.

Bins for recycling of paper waste are located next to equipment such as photocopiers, these are of cardboard construction containing a pink sack. Please do not overfill these containers, as it becomes impossible to remove the sack and tie it, ready for collection - instead please replace the full sack with a new one, leaving the tied up full sack to one side, ready for the cleaners to take away. If you have a large amount of waste paper to dispose of from your office, you should put this into a confidential waste sack then contact the Estates Helpdesk (x22567) to arrange collection.

Budgets / Awards / Grants

Finance Induction Meetings are being introduced, and it is expected that anyone in receipt of an award, grant or wishing to undertake expenditure, will attend an initial process and regulation explanatory session with at least two from MF/AL/AD/TG, before undertaking any spend, in order to familiarize themselves and obtain assistance with processes, which can often appear challenging.

Additionally, all those currently undertaking spends as part of an award or grant should arrange to meet up with the same team. No new claims will be processed until an induction has been attended.

Further information can be sought and/or meetings booked with Alison Lough.


Campus Maps

Maps of the campus can be found at:


Catering can be ordered via email to: or by telephone on: 024 765(23279) or 024 765(23789)

Please see: for further guidance on making bookings.

Please be ready to advise the following information:

  • exact food/drinks required - see menus from Food and Drink
  • how many required for, where event being held, date, time
  • Cost code to be charged to

Please note: Catering must be booked at least one week prior to the event, and all the usual finacial regulations must be adhered to.

Central Timetabling

Information regarding timetabling and university-wide room bookings can be found here:

Change of address or other personal details

Change of address, name or bank details plus the notification of NI numbers should be made on the Amendment to Personal Details form (updated Nov 2016). This form should be returned to the Payroll Office in University House.

Cleaning Services

For all cleaning services enquiries please see our local contacts at:


See here for details of all departmental committees:

Terms of Reference and membership details of departmental committees can be found HERE

The Univerisity Committee Timetable can be found HERE

Conflicts of Interest

In line with Financial Procedure 1 (FP1) all members of staff must disclose a potential conflict of interests to their HoD. They must make this disclosure as soon as they become aware of it. This disclosure should be made by completing or updating the online FP1a form which will be submitted to the HoD for review. In addition, all staff, including those on VAM contracts, will be asked to complete or update their FP1a form annually as requested by the Department Administrator.

FP1a form -

Further information -

Consumer Protection Law and CMA Guidance

Information on consumer protection law and Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) guidance.

Counselling Services

Details of counselling services.


Departmental Calendar

Departmental Calendar for English and Comparative Literary Studies


Email Signatures

Guidance on email signatures can be found at:

Equality & Diversity

Details about equality & diversity.

Equality Legislation

Link to one of a series of factsheets produced by the Equality Challenge Unit. which outlines academics' learning and teaching responsibilities in relation to the Equality Act 2010

Essay Deadlines

Here you can find details of Essay Deadlines

Estates Helpdesk

The University Estates Office can assist with issues such as lighting/plumbing/keys/recycling/post/furniture/porters/security/transport - please visit the webpage for further details: call: 24 765 22567 or email:

In emergency situations (security, fire, police, ambulance) please call the Security Team on 024 765 22222 or dial 999.


This section is how to promote Events, primarily lecture series, seminars, conferences and so on which are not part of regular teaching provision and involve, by and large, people talking. There is an Events calendar - use tags carefully and wisely - the 'Faculty of Arts' tag will mean that your event will feed through to the Arts Faculty Events Calendar. (Don't confuse this with the Arts Faculty tag, which doesn't work.) You can also link from the calendar direct to a static webpage - either one you make during the event creation, or one you have already.

You can use mass mail to email lots of different groups of people within the university. My top tips here are to use the Test button before you send the email out, and to check twice that any dates and times you've pasted across are still accurate.

For Warwick Thursdays, currently we have a static webpage (with archive of past events), we're on the departmental events calendar, there is mass mail to the department, a bespoke mailing list for those outside the department who are interested, and posters for every event. We keep the old posters as an archive to use at open days, and warmly encourage you to do likewise.

We also have a Twitter account.

For events that have happened, see News.

Exchange Rates

GBP/EUR/USD exchange rates for the past 3 months can be found at:

All other currency exchange rates can be worked out by using the OANDA converter at:

Expenses Claims

You must refer to the guidlines on how to claim expenses and other useful expenses information - before incurring any expenses: Simple step-by-step instruction on how to complete an expenses claim form can be found HERE. Note: Individual Research Allowances are set on a yearly basis (Aug-Jul) and for 2016-17 are £500 each. Flights over £500 must be booked via an approved supplier or the claim will be rejected. Any incorrect information may result in delays in reimbursement. Claim forms can be found at: A supply of hardcopy forms can also be found in the SCR. Full financial guidance can be found at:

External Examiner on MA Exam Boards - clarification of role

Clarification of role of external examiner on MA exam boards


Financial Regulations

The Univeristy Financial Regulations can be found at:

Fire Evacuation

In the case of a fire alarm, you are expected to leave the Humanities building via the nearest staircase quickly and quietly. The congregation area for the Humanities Building is Car Park 8, the multi-storey carpark next to the Sports Centre. To fail to evacuate the building during any fire alarm may lead to disciplinary action.

If you have any disability that may impede your evacuation from the department you should ask the Department’s Health and Safety Officer or the Department Administrator, in consultation with your Personal Tutor, to prepare a personalised evacuation plan for you. There are also two safety stations in the stair wells where you can seek refuge until help arrives. The contact numbers for the University’s Security Office are posted at these points.

In the event that you see a fire, raise the alarm as quickly as possible and leave the area for a safe place.



University governance information (Committees etc) can be found at:


Health & Safety

See the above link for Health & Safety details.

HoD Signature and Approval for Documentation

Please remember that documents requiring a signature from the Head of Department, should be submitted to the HoD PA, allowing sufficient time for a signature to be sought within the busy HoD schedule.

If your documentation also requires an endorsement from the HoD, then please allow at least 7 working days, to give the HoD sufficient time to review the paperwork and add appropriate supporting comment. It would also be helpful if you could provide bullet points of any essential information or items of particular note which you would like covering in the endorsement.

The HoD is keen to give every application and report due time and consideration. Only in exceptional circumstances can this turnaround be any shorter, so please keep an eye on any submission deadlines for bids etc, and make sure that you submit your request to the HoD office in good time.

Human Resources

See link for all HR policies:


IT Services

IT Services should be your first port of call for all technical and equipment queries - please visit their website for further information: call: 024 765 73737 or email:

Specific telephone communication help can be found at:


This is the information website for staff and students at the University of Warwick - Insite: Our Staff Hub

Intercalated Year

See above link for instructions regarding intercalated year

Invigilation Instructions

For University Invigilation regulations see link



Keys to offices, seminar rooms etc in the Humanities Building can be obtained from the Admin Office. Keys to rooms in Milburn House can be obtained via Anthony Maude (in G06).

Each member of staff is allocated a key to their own office (where relevant), requiring a signature at the time of issue and to be returned at the end of use (ie no longer requiring the office due to changing role/office/department or permanent departure from the University).

Keys for the stationery cupboards, archive room, poster cupboards etc can also be obtained via the Admin Office. Again, a signature will be required when you collect/return a key, to assist us in keeping track of their whereabouts.

If you are required to use an office/room for weekly "office hours" etc, then you will be sent an email by the UG admin team advising that you should collect the relevant key each time from the key safe in H502 (you will be given the required code). Please ensure that keys are returned promptly to the key safe, in consideration of others needing this service.

Please note that lost keys may incur a charge, as I'm sure you appreciate that the cost of frequently replacing keys is a burden on the departmental budget.


Lecture Capture

How to record lectures in centrally timetabled rooms:

Letter Templates and Documentation

All University documentation templates and guidelines can be found at: 

UoW Digital Letter Template - click, save and add your personal details as required


Marking Descriptors

Marking Descriptors can be found here.

Marking Descriptors for Master's level can be found here.

Marking and Moderation

Information and marking and moderation for undergraduates and postgradutes, and link to current marking and moderation schedule.

Marking on Tabula

Guide to Marking MA Assignments on Tabula

Mass Mailing and WebGroups

See link on how to send mass mails:

Further Mass Mail information can be found at:

Guidance on using WebGroups can be found at:

Meals and Accommodation

The latest Meals and Accommodation Claim Allowances can be found at:


The latest Mileage Claim Allowances can be found at:

Millburn House

This is where some of the tutors from the English Department are based, and some of our teaching takes place.

Millburn House, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7HS

Mitigating Circumstances

For information about how undergraduate students should apply for mitigating circumstances, please see the on-line form on the Undergraduate Handbook A-Z at:

For information about postgraduate mitigating circumstances, please see the Postgradaute A-Z at:


Modules - new and changes

How to propose new modules and amend existing modules. See HERE for guidance.

Please note that all new or revised module proposal forms need to be approved by the department by the last day of the Easter break.



This section is about how to publicise things that have happened - publications, prizes, awards. (You can also include as news items that something is going to happen - an eminent speaker is to visit, and so on.) There is a news section on our website - the important point to remember here is to tag the news item properly, notably to tick the tag called Pin news item above al other news items, as otherwise your news will get lost.

If it's major news you may want to tell head of department. Our contact in the Press Office is Alex Buxton, and he is eager to promote the work of the department, but cannot do it unless he knows what you are up to! We also have a Twitter account.

See also Events, above, for advice on how to promote forthcoming lectures and so on.


PG Funding

See above link for details on PG Funding.

The University directory can be found at:

Personal Tutor System


If you need assistance to move heavy items and/or to remove/collect furniture etc, please see the link:


Outgoing external and internal post is collected from the SCR. All external mail must be marked with the dept code in the top left corner. Stamps are next to the trays on the sideboard.

If you would like your post to go via Royal Mail Special Delivery please see instructions at:

For information regarding courier services, please visit:

Incoming post is delivered to H506 by the porters and will be distributed to pigeonholes.

Printers / Copiers / Scanners - Department Managed Printing

Please use this link for further information and advice on using departmental printers, copiers and scanners:

There are networked printer/copier/scanners in H502, Millburn House, and elsewhere on campus. In order to be able to print documents on these machines, you must follow the guidance on the above link to install it on to your computer (you will only need to do this once and will then have access to all the machines).

Before you install one of these machines you must de-install any old ones first. To do this on a PC, select ‘printers and faxes’ from your Control Panel on the desktop. Right click on the machine and then select ‘delete’ from the options which pop up. You can then proceed to install the relevant new machine on your computer by clicking this link: go/managedprint/en.

Alternatively, you can use Mobile Printing. Send an email from your Warwick email address to and attach the document you want printed, and pull off from a networked printer/copier/ scanner (ie Kyocera) in the usual way within 24 hours.

You will need to use your staff ID card against the recognition panel on your chosen printer in order to activate it for your use (or key in your staff number if you don’t have your card on you).

PLEASE NOTE - any technical issues with the shared photocopiers should be reported to the engineers, details for contacting them can be found on the wall poster immediately above each copier.

Printing - high volume

If you require any high volumes or specialist printing, please use Warwick Print - see here for details: You can liaise directly with them for all your printing requirements and just need to contact the Admin Office for the required cost code (usual financial conditions apply).


Probations - guidelines and forms



Quality Code

Information about the UK Quality Code for Higher Education.


Room Bookings

How to book a room:

If you wish to book one of our teaching rooms, H501, H507, H542, H543, G03, Writers' Room, please use this link: All rooms hold 15 except the Writers' Room (visit: ). You will need a key to access the Writers' Room and G03 (available from either Anthony at Milburn House or the Admin Office in Humanities).

If you wish to book a larger Centrally Timetabled Room, please use this link: and select 'Book a Room'. To find out which rooms might be available (ie to pull up a timetable for a room, this link* will help (*log-in required).

If you have an issue which cannot be resolved by visiting the above webpages, then teaching room / timetabling enquiries should be directed to: or .


Security Services

The University is a very safe campus and is committed to keeping it that way by providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment for everyone who studies, works and visits here.

In an emergency (security, fire, police, ambulance) please call: 024 7652 2222 or dial 999 for assistance

For more information please visit:

Senior Common Room

The SCR is H5.02 on the fifth floor of the Humanities Building. This room is kept locked, for security of confidential/valuable items, and can be opened via a coded keypad on the door (Code: 2010, not to be shared with anyone other than English & CLS Staff members). Comfortable seating, staff pigeonholes, a shared printer, a kettle, a coffee maker (Tassimo), a microwave, a toaster, and a refrigerator are in this room.

Tea, coffee and milk is sometimes purchased by colleagues and placed in the cupboards/fridge for all to use, but this is obviously not a given so do be prepared to provide your own. Supplies including paper cups etc are sometimes left over from functions, and these items are also placed in the cupboards for the benefit of all.

Please be courteous to colleagues and visitors by ensuring the room is left clean and tidy at all times. Hot & cold water, paper towels and washing-up facilities can be found in the two kitchens, which are located toward each end of the corridor. Some crockery can also be found in the cupboards here, please clean and return any items that you use.

Copies of the TLS, the LRB, and the Times Higher are kept on the coffee table in the SCR.

The SCR is not intended for Undergraduate use.

Severe Weather Policy

Information regarding working arrangements and travel conditions can be found at: The University Severe Weather Policy can be found at:

Sickness and Absence

Information regarding sickness and absence can be found at:

Skype for Business

For guidance on how to download and use Skype, for conferencing and instant messaging, please refer to the link above. You may also see:

Staff Contact Details

Work contact details for colleagues in English and CLS can be found here.

Please check your details and advise the Departmental Secretary of any required changes or amendments.


The cupboards next to the printer in the SCR (labeled "storage 2a" and "storage 2b") contain a basic range of stationery - please check there first for anything you need. Further items are kept in the stationery cupboards, labeled 1-5, under the pigeon holes. These cupboards are kept locked and keys are available from the Admin office. If you take the last of anything, please inform the Departmental Secretary, so that replacement items can be ordered.

Study Leave

Applications for study leave in 2017/18 should be submitted to Alison Lough ( by Friday 18 November 2016 at the very latest. All applications will be considered by the department's Research Committee and their recommendations forwarded to the Head of Department who will complete their statement and forward to HR for consideration by the Provost and Advisory Group. The form is available at:


Teaching Allocation Policy (for PG Research Students)

The Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies is committed to offering PGR students teaching on our undergraduate programmes. We aim to offer as many PGRs as possible one year’s teaching experience on the first-year modules of our BA degree, but we cannot guarantee teaching for all students.

All PGRs are entitled to apply for teaching, and will be interviewed by the Teaching Allocation Committee (which comprises the Deputy Head of Department, the Director of Teaching and Learning, and the Director of Graduate Studies) in term 3 (usually in weeks 3-6).

Teaching is assigned based on subject-fit, support from the PGRs supervisor, the requirements of the department and, where applicable, previous teaching evaluations. All PGRs must normally complete in-department training during their first year of teaching, to ensure good practice.

The Policy is available at:

Teaching Preferences

See above link for information on Teaching Preferences

Telephone Faults

If your phone isn’t working, there’s an online link to report the fault – it’s linked to your personal account so the fault should be reported by the individual:

The link is in the top left hand corner - ‘Report a Fault – Landline Telephone’.

Term Dates

See above link for summary of term dates.

Transport and Parking

Cycling, Buses, Car Parks and Taxi information can be found at:

Parking Permit information can be found at:


Important considerations when booking flights - UK air travel should be by the most economical class of travel, regardless of the source of funding for the trip. Where the cost of travel is £500 or more, tickets must be purchased through one of the University’s approved travel agents, unless evidence is produced that to do so would be significantly more expensive on a like for like basis. See link for full financial guidance:

Information regarding booking University related travel can be found at:

Travel and Subsistence Allowances

The latest UK Travel and Subsistence Allowances can be found at:


University Departments and Services

University departmental and service information can be found at:


Warwick Retail

Information regarding cafes, bars shops and restaurants can be found at:

Warwick Swap - furniture/stationery

See link for items of furniture, which you can obtain without having to purchase brand new (saving costs and the environment):

For stationery items, please see:

Website - English and CLS

This is the website for external viewing:

We also have pages dedicated to information for staff and students:

We're planning to update the website in 2017, starting with the external pages. For changes to module pages and postgrad pages, please contact the convenor. For changes to staff pages, please contact the member of staff. For changes to other pages, please use this form.

Wi-Fi for visitors to the University

Guests may use our wi-fi service - please see link for details of how to connect etc: