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Media Work

Research-related projects covered in various media include:

  • curating an exhibition on public houses at the Museum Schloss Münsingen in Switzerland (Summer 2000)
  • lecturing on the historical context for 'Painting on Light', an exhibition of Swiss stained glass c. 1500 co-organized by the Getty Centre and the St Louis Art Museum (Los Angeles and St Louis, summer/autumn 2000)
  • assessing the likely effects of changes in UK pub licensing laws for national French youth radio station Le Mouv: Radio France (23 November 2005)
  • a panel discussion on early modern 'sex workers' during the Sexarbeit exhibition at the Kornhaus Gallery in Bern covered by the Swiss daily Der Bund (7 July 2007);
  • a presentation of the main themes of my book Drinking Matters in a Warwick podcast series which reached the History Top 10 on iTunes U (April 2008);
  • an assessment of the historical significance of sixteenth-century French king Henry IV for Swiss National Radio DRS1 (13 December 2008);
  • a tour of a medieval Swiss inn for members of the public on European Heritage Day (14 September 2008; covered in the Swiss Hotel Revue);
  • a symposium on the tradition of 'tavern politics' in German-speaking Europe at Braunau/Austria covered by the Braunauer Stadtnachrichten (30 September 2009);
  • a feature on historical concerns about youth drinking for the Bavarian newspaper Münchner Merkur (14 May 2009);
  • a public lecture on the political significance of urban pubs at Münster/Germany covered by the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (1 April 2009);
  • a radio interview on the 'History of Time' with Liz Kershaw on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire (27 March 2011);
  • an interview (June 2011) and lecture report (October 2017, 24-5) in the Bishop's Tachbrook Parish Magazine;
  • a TV interview with Rory McGrath on Puritan attitudes to drinking for 'Pub Dig', a programme produced by Oxford Scientific Films for the History Channel (screened 16 December 2011) and Channel 5 (24 April 2012);
  • a newspaper interview with the Swiss daily Bote der Urschweiz on the parish republic of Gersau (30 August 2012);
  • a radio interview on public houses as pre-modern communication hubs for the Dimensionen programme of Austrian national radio Oe1 (25 September 2012). [listen to the podcast here]
  • a magazine feature on my parish research in the German monthly Vorpommern Magazin (February 2013), pp.16-17.
  • 'Do digital resources allow us to ask new questions about the past?', one of three responses featured by Warwick's Knowledge Centre (June 2013)
  • a public lecture on the cultural history of drink in the Europavortrag series of the Universität des Saarlandes, covered by the daily Saarbrücker Zeitung (12 July 2013).
  • a sketch of premodern travel gastronomy for the magazine Wege und Geschichte (1/2013) published by ViaStoria, the Swiss centre for the history of mobility.
  • excerpts from my plenary address to the Landsgemeinde (communal assembly) at Gersau/Switzerland (2/2/2014) in a podcast of Swiss National Radio SRF and the Wochen-Zeitung newspaper.
  • a survey article for the official communication periodical of the Swiss canton of Schwyz, explaining why the parish republic of Gersau should be seen as a 'little giant': Y-Mag 8 (2014), 72-5.
  • an opinion piece for The Conversation platform, also featured by The Guardian, arguing that going to the pub could solve our drinking problem (2 April 2014), followed by invited articles investigating 'How much did our ancestors drink (and are we drinking more)?' (22 October 2014) and 'How drinking fashions change' (25 August 2016)

  • reflections on the findings of the 'Small but free?' conference24 on early modern republics at Gersau for the Swiss daily Bote der Urschweiz (8 May 2014)
  • a radio interview for the 'Sunday Matinee' programme of German station SWR2 on the cultural history of the picnic (25 May 2014) [recorded in this podcast]

  • a historical interpretation of recent UK drink consumption statistics for The Times newspaper and the Voice of Russia radio station (30 May 2014) [podcast]
  • commenting on Warwick Castle's new luxury B+B offer for the Marian McNamee programme on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire (29 July 2014)


Insight into the interactive nature of tavern field work at the Munich Oktoberfest in 2006. Photo: C. Stein.



ambulatory_interpretation_of_berkswell_church._pic_by_paula_mcbride.jpgTaking members of the public on an 'ambulatory interpretation' of Berkswell church during the 2013 Parish Symposium. Photo: P. McBride.




lg_bk_beitrag_pic_gallus_bucher.jpgAddressing the Landsgemeinde held in St Marcellus Gersau on 2 February 2014. Pic: G. Bucher.





Fancy a bubbly? A historical take on changing drinking fashions: cover picture for my Conversation article of 25 August 2016.




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