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Millburn Research Seminars

Millburn Research Seminar - Prof. Jane Rendell (Bartlett, UCL) - 'May Mo(u)rn: A Site Writing '

5pm - 6:30pm, Wed, 08 Feb '17

This term's Millburn Seminar speaker will be Prof. Jane Rendell, who is Professor of Architecture and Art at the Bartlett School, University College London. She will give a talk that looks at transititional spaces in architecture and psychoanalysis entitled 'May Mo(u)rn: A Site Writing '.
Prof. Rendell is an architectural designer and historian, art critic and writer. Her work has explored various interdisciplinary intersections: feminist theory and architectural history, fine art and architectural design, autobiographical writing and criticism. She is the author of Site-Writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism (2010), Art and Architecture (2006), The Pursuit of Pleasure (2002), Critical Architecture (2007), Spatial Imagination (2005), The Unknown City (2001), Intersections (2000), Gender Space Architecture (1999) and Strangely Familiar (1995).

This talk will be conducted in the experimental and interdisciplinary spirit of her ongoing ‘site-writing’ project, ‘which generates spatial and textual processes of art and architectural criticism out of psychoanalytic positions and modes of operation’.
The Millburn Seminar will take place on Wednesday February 8th 2017, at 5.15pm in Room A0.28, Millburn House, followed by a drinks reception.
All are welcome

The Millburn Seminar is a series of interdisciplinary speakers, run by the School of Theatre and Performance Studies, Dept. of Film and Television Studies, and the Dept. of History of Art, and supported by the Humanities Research Centre.

Wednesday 4th November at 5.15 pm in Room A0.28, Millburn House followed by a drinks reception.

Prof. Nick Ridout of Queen Mary University of London, will give a talk entitled ‘Entertainment after Empire: Godspeed You! Black Emperor on Stage’ – about the relationship between the contemporary entertainment industry and histories of empire and colony, read through an account of a recent concert at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire by the band Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Prof. Ridout is the author of Passionate Amateurs: Theatre, Communism and Love (2013), Theatre and Ethics (2009), Stage Fright, Animals, and Other Theatrical Problems (2006), and co-editor of Contemporary Theatres in Europe: A Critical Companion (2006), amongst other works. He has published extensively in international journals and also works as a performance creator and curator.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor will play the Warwick Arts Centre on Thursday 22nd October (info and tickets here). Though attendance at the concert is in no way necessary for the talk, the two events would make a useful pairing.