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Study abroad destinations: a snapshot

So, if you study languages at Warwick, where might you study or work during your year abroad? Here are a few ideas:

Santiago de Chile

Hispanic Studies undergrads at Warwick are in luck when it comes to the year abroad - you can choose from some of the world's most beautiful and exciting cities, on three different continents! Our partnership with the Universidad Pontífica will take you to the stunning Andean city of Santiago de Chile, with its vibrant cultural life, impressive neoclassical architecture, and snowcapped mountain peaks. Want to know more? Hispanic Studies undergraduate Claudia spent the first half of her Year Abroad in Santiago and has come up with her very own insider's guide to the city (don't forget to click back through her archives to read more about living and studying there!).

Rome, Italy

rome.jpg castel_sant_angelo1.jpg

Why study in Rome? Well, it's the capital city of Italy, of course; but also a place where three thousand years of history coexist and inhabit the same space, from the remnants of Classical antiquity to the medieval churches, from Baroque squares to the borgate portrayed by Neorealist cinema. With a degree in Italian, you can take in your first year a module on the history and the myth of Rome; and then choose to spend your year abroad in this lively and multicultural city, enjoying its galleries and its cafés, its eternal spring and its vibrant university life, and experience ’the Great Beauty’ in person. ​

Martinique, France

_phv6896_gr.jpg history.jpg

Obviously Paris and Marseilles have their charms, but in French Studies at Warwick you can think further afield. As an Erasmus student at the Université des Antilles et de Guyane on the island of Martinique, you can experience a taste of the Caribbean and witness the melting pot of cultural and linguistic influences of this French département. The beaches of the Presqu’île de Caravelle are renowned for their beauty, while you can also take in the ruins of Saint-Pierre, once viewed as the ‘Paris of the lesser Antilles.’ You can even enjoy the famed local dish, the Colombo, a curry flavoured with masala, tamarind, coconut milk and rum.

Cologne (Köln), Germany

koln-cologne-night-dom.jpg Cologne media city

Try the large cosmopolitan city of Cologne in Germany. Whether working as a language assistant or on a work placement in the city and surrounding area, or taking up a place via the Erasmus scheme at the world-class university, Cologne (Köln) is an immensely popular choice with students, given its amazing cultural scene, gastronomy and vibrant nightlife. The city is rich in history, but also a centre of the German digital media industry, television and telecommunications.

Situated on the Rhine in the West of Germany, the proximity of the French border makes this city a popular choice with students who also study some combination of French and German, but choose to spend their year in Germany.