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BA in Modern Languages with Linguistics

This degree allows you to study either two or three languages with Linguistics.

Love languages? Already studied one or two languages to A-level and keen to try something new? This exciting new degree programme could be for you. Choose your first language from French, German, Italian and Hispanic Studies. Your second (and third language, where appropriate) is selected from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.

Entry requirements

Typical offer: AAB (excluding General Studies); IB 36 points. You will need one or two modern foreign languages at A-level (or equivalent) and a demonstrated aptitude for language learning.

Your first language must be post A-level French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Your second (and third language) can be taken at any level if it is French, German, Italian, or Spanish. If it is Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese or Russian, it will normally be taken at beginner’s or post-GCSE level.

These are the normal requirements. If you have alternative qualifications or linguistic experience, there may be some flexibility – just ask!

Course pathways

You will spend three years on campus at Warwick and one year abroad.

Year One

You will either take two language modules, one culture module and one linguistics module OR three languages and one linguistics module.

The culture module can be either a European Culture Module or a culture module from your first language of French, German, Italian or Hispanic Studies, or LN102 Translation: Methods and Practice.

The Linguistics module is Linguistics: Understanding Language

Year Two

You will take two (or three) core language modules and a Linguistics module (Linguistics: Acquisition and Use)

You will also select cultural modules, (if studying two languages).

Year Three (Spent abroad)

You may opt to spend a full year in one country, or split the year between two countries. We encourage students to spend time in a country where their ab initio language is spoken.

Year Four

You will take two (or three) core language modules and Linguistics modules.
(Linguistics Dissertation or two of the following modules:


English Across Cultures

Organisational Communication in International Business

Evaluating and Planning Research

You will also select cultural modules, (if studying two languages).


For more details contact course director Evan Stewart, Director of Warwick Language Centre: evan dot stewart at warwick dot ac dot uk.