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Most Recent Publications

I. Monographs:

  • (2015) Una terra di intersezioni. Storia e istituzioni della Palestina di età moderna, [A Land of Intersections. History and Institutions of Early Modern Palestine], Carocci, Roma.
  • (2014) Passages of faith: Conversion in Palestinian villages (17th century), Göttinger Orientforschungen, Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden.

II. Articles in referred Journals:

  • Protestants' conversion to Catholicism in the Syro-Palestinian region (17th century), in Zeitschrift für historische forschung 41/3(2014);
  • 'Getting by the Resort of the Pilgrims': The Franciscan Friars of Jerusalem and their Anglican Guests (1600-1612), in Giornale di Storia, 13/2014;
  • The payment of the pool tax and the disappearance of the Christians from Palestinian countryside, in The Journal of Economic and Social History of the Orient, 56(2013);
  • Khubz as iqṭā' in four authors from the Ayyubid and early Mamluk period, in The Mamluk Studies Review, vol. XVI (2012);
  • La corte islamica e gli abitanti cristiani del distretto di Gerusalemme (secolo XVII), [The Islamic court and the Christian inhabitants of Jerusalem (17th century)], in Società e Storia, 138 (2012);
  • Conversioni nel Vicino Oriente Ottomano e diffusione del cattolicesimo a Betlemme, [English transl.: Conversions in the Ottoman Middle East and the Spread of Catholicism in Bethlehem], in Quaderni Storici, 131 (2009).

III.Chapters in edited books:

  • “An Unusual Setting: Interactions between Protestants and Catholics in the Ottoman Empire”, in S.J.G. Burton, M. Choptiany, P. Wilczek (eds.), Religious Minorities and Majorities in Early Modern Europe: Confessional Boundaries and Contested Identities, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Refo500 Academic Series, forthcoming;
  • “Missionari cattolici ed Ebrei nella Palestina Ottomana”, in S. Di Nepi (eds.), Storie intrecciate. Rappresentazioni e conoscenza dell’Islam nell’Italia moderna, Rome: Viella, 2015;
  • “The spread of Catholicism in 17th-century Palestinian villages” in Wietse de Boer, Aliocha Maldavsky, Giuseppe Marcocci & Ilaria Pavan (eds.), Space and Conversion: A Global Approach, Leiden: Brill, 2014;
  • The Ottoman Administration of Justice in Early Modern Travellers’ Accounts”, in R. Elger, U. Pietruska (eds.), Ottoman culture seen from the margins. Arabophone Missionaries, Greek-orthodox "Aufklärer" and Damaszene lovers of popular novels (17. – 19. Jh.), Halle: Zirs, 2013;
  • Il diritto musulmano e la schiavitù [Engl. trans.Mulim Law and Slavery], in G. Fiume (ed.), Schiavitù religione e libertà nel Mediterraneo tra medioevo e età moderna, “Incontri mediterranei”, 1-2 (2008).