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Timetable 2016-17

Tutor: Dr. Bryan Brazeau
Term 2 Timetable

Week 1 (11 Jan). Introduction

G: Noun declensions; Ablative uses; Demonstrative and relative pronouns

V: “Q” words & Prepositions (LL)

Week 2 (18 Jan). Petrarch's letter to Cicero

G: Verbal system; Relative clauses; Adjectives; Questions

V: “Verba Parva et Difficilia” p.1 (LL)

Week 3 (25 Jan). Epistolary Writing: Cassandra Fedele

G: Subjunctive uses; ut-clauses; cum-clauses

V: “Verba Parva et Difficilia” p.2 (LL)

Week 4 (2 Feb). Translation Theory: Leonardo Bruni

G: Scansion; Participles

V: “Vergilian Word List” (a, ab, abs ———> lux, lucis) (Pharr)

Week 5 (8 Feb). Christian Epic: Sannazaro and Vida

G: Gerunds, Gerundives, and Supines (oh, my!)

V: “Vergilian Word List” (magnus, -a, -um ———> vox, vocis) (Pharr)

Week 6. Reading Week (no class)

Week 7 (22 Feb). Debates on literary style: Poliziano, Giraldi Cinzio, and Erasmus

G: Reported statements, reported commands, reported questions

V: “Basic Verbs” p.1 (LL)

Week 8 (1 Mar). The Valladolid debate: Las Casas and Sepulveda

G: Oratio obliqua

V: “Basic Verbs” p.2 (LL)

Week 9 (8 Mar). The battle of Lepanto through African Eyes: Juan Latino


V: Final Jeopardy

Week 10 (15 Mar). Epitaphs for beloved pets: Navagero, Scaliger, Orsini, du Bellay, Jortin


V: Spring Crossword

Weekly meetings of 90 minutes include 30 minutes of grammar review, followed by 60 minutes of close reading.