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The readings for each class will be available on this page at least a week in advance.

Each class session will be organised around a short passage by an important early modern writer. We will read and translate the passage together, while also discussing grammatical and stylistic characteristics. Sessions will also include revision of relevant points of grammar.

Term 2

Week 1. Introduction

Week 2. Petrarch's letters to Cicero [I] [II]

Week 3. Epistolary Writing; Cassandra Fedele

Week 4. Translation theory; Leonardo Bruni

Week 5. Christian epic; Sannazaro and Vida

Week 6. Reading Week (no class)

Week 7. Debates on literary style; Poliziano, Giraldi Cinzio, and Erasmus

Week 8. The Valladolid debate; Las Casas and Sepulveda

Week 9. The battle of Lepanto through African Eyes: Juan Latino

Week 10. Epitaphs for beloved pets: Navagero, Scaliger, Orsini, du Bellay, Jortin

Term 3 

Awaiting suggestions from participants; TBA at the start of term