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Course Schedule

Academic year 2015-16.

All classes (except the introduction in week 1) will be taught on Wednesdays between 3.00-4.30pm in H450

Week 1. Tuesday 12 January, 9:30–11:00, Introduction to Palaeography; The Evolution of Script (Dr Anna Pegoretti)

Week 2. Wednesday January 20th - Manuscript discovery and using catalogues; palaeographic vocabulary; rules of __________________________________transcription; abbreviations.

Week 3. Wednesday January 27th - Finding aids; Introduction to gothic script.

Week 4. Wednesday February 3rd - Gothic scripts and minuscule (cont.); Introduction to Humanistic script

Week 5. Wednesday February 10th - Introduction to print culture; imitation of scripts in print; evolution of typefaces

Week 6. Reading Week (no classes) but possible assignment

Week 7. Wednesday February 24th - Script and typefaces; the functions of books and manuscripts; humanistic script (cont.); __________________________________ Chancery script (Cancelleresca); dialects

Week 8. Wednesday March 2nd - Script identification; mercantile script (mercantesca); discussion and presentation of projects

Week 9. Wednesday March 9th, 3:30-4:30 - Informal Italian Palaeography Exam