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CSR Podcast

'Talking Tasso' with Chris Geekie from Johns Hopkins

12:45, Fri 25 Nov 2016

In this episode, Chris Geekie, Ph.D. candidate at Johns Hopkins University shares his work on the Italian poet and literary theorist, Torquato Tasso. We also speculate as to what Tasso might have thought about Hamilton: An American Musical and Game of Thrones.


The Renaissance from Below, with Professor Beat Kümin

15:26, Thu 24 Nov 2016

Professor Beat Kümin discusses his approach to studying the Renaissance.


- Beat Kümin's Warwick homepage:

- Parish Network research platform:

- Drinking Studies Network:

- 'Cultures of Early Modern Europe' publication series (Bloomsbury):

- The European World 1500-1800 textbook companion site (Routledge):

- The annual 'Food & Drink Studies' postgraduate summer university at Tours:


Team Print! With Gloria Moorman and Rebecca Carnevali.

15:09, Thu 24 Nov 2016

Postgraduate students Rebecca Carnevali and Gloria Moorman tell us more about their work on early printed books.


Introduction to the CSR and the Podcast

15:07, Thu 24 Nov 2016

Drs. Bryan Brazeau and Máté Vince introduce the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance and the podcast.


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