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The Future of Creativity Symposium

The Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies invites you to an event, The Future of Creativity on Thursday 6th July in the Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre.

Recent years have seen an explosion of scholarly interest in creativity as the creative industries have moved from the margins to the centre of economic life. Creativity, and creative thinking can, it seems, provide solutions to a wide range of the social, economic and political dilemmas that contemporary societies face.

The Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies at the University of Warwick has spent over twenty years engaged in debates about the status and meaning of creativity, reflecting on and researching its role in social and political life and preparing students for work in the arts, media and creative industries. In this one day symposium, we invite researchers, teachers and practitioners to help us in re-imagining creativity for the future.

The day will be organised around two themes - Creativity and Democracy and Creativity and Sustainability. It will feature contributions from Nick Wilson (King’s College London), Farzhana Khan (Shake!) Sholeh Johnson (Julie’s Bicycle),Kate Sayer (Warwick Arts Centre) and Chris Bilton, Nadine Holdsworth, Lee Martin and Pietari Kaapa (University of Warwick)

Lunch is provided. Please register your intention to attend

Mon 24 April 2017, 15:56 | Tags: Alumni Research Seminars Events Students Faculty of Arts

Innovation Insight - Warwick in London, Tuesday 11th July 2017

On 11th July 2017 Chris Bilton will co-present a workshop on innovation and leadership at Warwick in London’s venue in the old Google building near King’s Cross Station. Chris will be running the workshop alongside Linda Green, of Leading Creative Talent, formerly head of the BBC Leadership programme. Aimed at emerging leaders in medium-sized organisations, this one-day workshop will show you how to recognise and direct innovative ideas, how to lead innovation in others, and how to build a capacity to innovate at both individual and organisational level. Each participant will leave with an action plan to put these ideas into action in their workplace. Details of the event are available here.


Wed 05 April 2017, 15:40 | Tags: Alumni, Events, Impact, Research news

What's in a (Name) Change?

Sharp-eyed observers may have noticed a subtle change to the Centre's identity. Why was a change of name in order, and, why now? Incoming Centre Director (September 2017) Dr Joannne Garde-Hansen reflects on why the time is right to build on the legacy of cultural policy studies and embrace how media is reflected in our research and teaching on our Culture Matters blog.

Fri 24 March 2017, 12:09 | Tags: News Faculty of Arts

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