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Visas & Police Registration


The majority of students from outside of the European Union and certain other European countries will require student visas to enter the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland and Serbia. The type of visa depends on each country's own national requirements, so it is important that you know where, how and when to apply for the appropriate visa.

Please bear in mind that you must apply for your visa yourself; however, once accepted onto the MAIPR and allocated a home university, the relevant university will be able to give advice and help to any student who needs a visa with the application process.

The University of Warwick provides the main documentation to get started on the path to obtaining the visas. Remember: according to where you are studying, you may need to apply for UK. Irish and/or Serbian visas.

United Kingdom: if you want to work in the UK you must get a UK Tier 4 student visa. Warwick's Postgraduate Admissions Office will issue each student who has an unconditional offer on the MAIPR with a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies document (known as a CAS). You must have received your CAS before you apply for the Tier 4 student visa. Alternatively, you can apply for a Student Visitor's Visa; however, you are not allowed to undertake any work, paid or unpaid, on this type of visa, including placements or internships. You will be issued the visa only within three months before you are due to start your course at Warwick. Please go to UK Student Visas for more details on UK visas and information on the application process.

Republic of Ireland: more details will be supplied in due course.

Serbia: students studying at the University of Arts in Belgrade (UAB) on the ST2 period of study (beginning of February to end May 2014), will most probably require a type D visa. It is best if you apply for the visa from the UK, after you have started the course. Mr Predrag Miladinovic, the Arts in Belgrade MAIPR Programme Officer, will assist you to obtain the visa. His email is and Predrag will contact you in due course, to advise you of the documents required for the application.

Residence Permits and Local Police Registration

United Kingdom: Most non-EU students will need to register with the local police. Information on how to do this will be advised at the appropriate time. Go to Local UK Police Registration to find out if you need to register and, if required, how to do so.

Republic of Ireland: more details will be supplied in due course.

Serbia: All students will need to register with the police in Serbia, regardless of nationality. You will also need to obtain a residence permit. Predrag Miladinovic will help you with this process.