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Dr. Yvette Hutchison and Dr. Tim White collaborate with JC Niala for 'Who You Think We Are' at Tate Modern, 14 March


Yvette Hutchison and Tim White were selected to work with Kenyan artist, JC Niala for the Tate Exchange for their Who Are We? free 6-day cross-platform event that has been specifically designed for Tate Exchange reflecting on identity, belonging in Europe and the UK, migration and citizenship through arts and audience participation. For the full programme, see

Their performance conversation, Who Do You Think We Are, runs on Tuesday 12.00-15.30 in the Southwark,Room, 5th Floor, Tate Modern for about 30-45 minutes. It aims to engage and disrupt audience member’s internal assumptions about how we attribute identities to people without having met them. We invite audiences to engage with unknown subjects who share images, stories and gestural repertoires to playfully deconstruct the first assumptions we make about people, while considering the deeper paradoxes of cross-cultural living, and how we create, perform and negotiate personal and collective identity and a sense of belonging.


Wed 08 March 2017, 13:55 | Tags: staff, impact