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Nathalie Mezza-Garcia

Thesis Topic: The Floating Island Project. Self-organizing libertarian and anarchic human settlements from a complexity science perspective

Supervisors: Nathaniel Tkacz and Emma Uprichard

My Research

I study "utopian" techno-anarchies through the lenses of complexity science. That is, how technologies -such as floating platforms, open source, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and virtual reality- are involved in the self-organization of anarchic and libertarian human communities and settlements. My case study is the Seasteading Institute´s Floating Island Project in French Polynesia.

On the broader context in which the Floating Island Project is immersed, I look at the overall tendency of micronations and start-up cities, which expands beyond seasteading to other types pf spaces. That is, on Earth, on the sea, onlife (virtual reality worlds); and in space such as orbital human colonies, moonsteading and marsteading.

Looking at these types of human settlements allows me to address problems around governance, freedom, surveillance, inequality and control in increasingly interconnected and disconnected scenarios.

The goal of my research is study to how complexity-based, open, interactive, automatised and heterarchical systems of decision-making can provide harmony-seeking interactions in human settlements, between humans and other species and without any central control. I´m funded by Fundación CEIBA.


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Undergraduate Defense: Introducing Sociopolitical Self-Organisation



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