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Nathalie Mezza-Garcia

Thesis Topic: An exploration into libertarian and anarchic human settlements that self-organize using networked technologies from a complexity science and interactive perspective.

Supervisors: Nathaniel Tkacz and Emma Uprichard

My Research

My research explores how open source, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other networked technologies are involved in the self-organization of anarchic and libertarian human communities and settlements. These can be physically based on Earth, like the Seasteading project; onlife, like virtual reality worlds; or in space, such as orbital human colonies. I address problems around freedom, surveillance and control in increasingly interconnected scenarios. The ultimate goal of the research is to contribute to discussions around complexity-based, open, interactive, automatised and heterarchical processing of decisions that could generate harmonic interactions between humans and other species without any central control. In other words, how to make a utopian techno-anarchy possible using internet-based technologies. I´m funded by Fundación CEIBA.


Maldonado, C.E. & Mezza-Garcia, N. (2016). Anarchy and Complexity. Emergence: Complexity & Organization. 18(1) .

Mezza-Garcia, N., & Maldonado, C. E. (2015). Critica_al_control_jerarquico_de_los_regimenes_politicos: Complejidad y Topología.pdf (PDF Document). Revista Desafíos , 27 (1), 121-158. ISSN: 0124-4035.

Mezza-Garcia, N., Froese, T., & Fernández, N. Reflections on the Complexity of Ancient Social Heterarchies: Toward New Models of Social Self-Organization in Pre-Hispanic Colombia (PDF Document) Journal of Sociocybernetics, 12 (1/2), 2014.

Mezza-Garcia, N. (2014). Towards a World without Nation-States (Hacia un Mundo sin Estados-Nación). Periódico Desde Abajo. April/May. (

Mezza-Garcia, N. (2014). Qué tan Atípica es la Situación de Crimea. Periódico El Nuevo Siglo.(PDF Document) April.

Maldonado, C. E., & Mezza-Garcia, N. (2014). Introduciendo la Complejidad en Política y Relaciones Internacionales Complejidad en Politica y Relaciones Internacionales (PDF Document). Bogotá: Universidad del Rosario. ISSN: 1692-8113.

Mezza-Garcia, N. (2013). Bio-Inspired Political Systems: Opening a Field.(PDF Document) In T. Gilbert, M. Kirkilionis, & G. Nicolis (Ed.), Proceedings of the European Conference on Complex Systems 2012 (pp. 785-812). Springer.

Mezza-Garcia, N. (2013). Self-Organized Sociopolitical Interactions as the Best Way to Achieve Organized Patterns in Human Social Systems: Going beyond the Top-Down Control of Classical Political Regimes.(PDF Document) Undergraduate dissertation, Universidad del Rosario.

Mezza-Garcia, N. (2006). El Libro del Deseo. Periódico San Victorino. Bogotá: April/May.


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Undergraduate Defense: Introducing Sociopolitical Self-Organisation



Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
University of Warwick