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Centre for Complexity Science

Connecting systems, science and society through:

  • a ground-breaking interdisciplinary research centre pushing the boundaries of knowledge in complexity science;
  • a new generation of scientists trained by the doctoral training centre;
  • the knowledge to understand, control and design complex systems;
  • break-throughs in new applications of complexity science;
  • the solutions to real-world problems with relevant end-user testing;
  • a lively intellectual and practically based environment for complexity science.

Complexity News

Calibrate with Confidence: In a paper published in the Royal Society Open Science, Robert MacKay and Sarah Parker from the University of Warwick, along with Ralph Kenna and Robert Low from Coventry University, report a new mathematical tool to remove bias and and account for confidence in major assessments, such as the REF exercise.

Prof. Robert MacKay said:

“Our ambition is for our method to be adopted as a decision support tool by every panel that has to evaluate a range of objects and whose members may have different standards and expertise.”

The tool, which is already being used by Coventry University to assess internal funding applications, can be used freely here. See also the press release.

PhD Graduates

Sat 22 Jul '17
Final Adieu to Warwick

After working at the University of Warwick for 3 years, Sam Johnson is leaving the Complexity Centre to take up a permanent position at the University of Birmingham. We wish him the best of luck at his new position! Here is his reflection on his time at the Centre.

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Complexity Events

Open Days: 6th December 2017, 31st January 2018, and 14th March 2018

Fri 22 Sep '17
Mon 25 Sep '17

Complexity Forums

Wed 04 Oct '17
12:30pm - 1pm: Complexity Forum lunch
1pm - 2pm: MathSys Forum

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