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IAS Funding Schemes

The Institute of Advanced Study supports research activity that is Interdisciplinary, Innovative and International in nature, undertaken within the faculties of Humanities, Medicine, Science and Social Science.

Developing Ideas

For research initiatives through Speculative Meetings (in kind) and Research Networks

Up to £1,500

Advancing Grants

To Support the Development of multi-partner bids through 1-3 day meetings at Warwick

Up to £3,500

Delivering Results

To enable the delivery of research outputs (REF, public engagement, policy etc.)

Up to £3,500

International Visiting Fellowships

To host international researchers for periods of 10 days to 10 weeks

Residential Fellowships

To bring collaborators to Warwick for a short stay (3-5 days) specifically to deliver joint outputs

Early Career Fellowships

To support Warwick Doctoral candidates in the transition to postdoctoral careers through a 6-10 month bursary

Vacation Schools

To deliver research-oriented residential workshop programme to early career researchers

Up to £10,000

WIRL Fellowships

To support New Research Leaders with 24 months of funding through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND scheme

Deadlines & Submission

Supporting Warwick Academics: We target 3 key stages of the research process via the Developing Ideas, Advancing Grants and Delivering Results schemes.

Visiting Fellowships: We contribute to Warwick’s international research profile. Bringing collaborators to engage with a wide cross-section of the University and facilitating the delivery of targeted research objectives.

Early Career Support: We also provide support specifically targeting the postdoctoral community via the Vacation School, Early Career Fellowship and WIRL Fellowship programmes.