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Full details about WIRL-COFUND Fellowships can be found in the Guidance for Applicants (PDF Document)

Q: Am I eligible to apply?

A: If you have not lived or carried out your main activity (work/study etc.)in the UK for more than 12 months in the three years before 2nd May 2018 then you are eligible to apply to the 2017 call for WIRL-COFUND Fellowships.

In addition, applicants must be an Experienced Researcher (i.e have a Doctorate or four years equivalent research experience).

Q: How many Fellowships are available?

A: In the 2017 call there are eight positions available, to start in September 2018

Q: What documents do I need to supply?

A: Through the University of Warwick online application system you will need to supply all requested sections, a supporting document (using the Supporting Document Template) and a 2 page CV.

Q: What is the EU definition of an Experienced Researcher

A: An Experienced Researcher is defined as a researcher having at least four years of research experience (full-time equivalent) since gaining a university diploma giving them access to doctoral studies, in the country in which the degree/diploma was obtained or researchers already in possession of a doctoral degree, regardless of the time taken to acquire it.

Q: What subject can my research project investigate?

A: We welcome applications from scholars of any subject that is studies at Warwick. However,projects must show a link to one or more of Warwick's Global Research Priorities, and be supported by the research strengths of Warwick's departments or research centres.

Q: When will my fellowship start?

A: Fellows who apply to this call for applications will start their fellowships in September 2018.

Q: Who will be my mentor?

A: Your mentor will be an established academic at Warwick, who's research interests align with your own. Applicants are strongly advised to make contact with a potential academic mentor at Warwick before submitting the application to ensure they are happy to support your research and your application.