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Industrial Collaboration PhD Studentships

iCASE Studentships

MIBTP has 9 iCASE studentships for entry in October 2018.

These studentships are an excellent opportunity to initiate new industrial contacts, develop existing links and help enhance the impact of research. The BBSRC-funded iCASE studentships are designed to provide students with a first-rate challenging research training experience within the context of a mutually-beneficial research collaboration between academic and non-academic partner organisations. Joint supervision should provide the student with a unique and broadening perspective on the impact of collaborative research, and allows the student to acquire novel skills and expertise.

Through the industrial placement an iCASE student will gain a wider understanding of, for example, applied research or policy development that will enhance their future career prospects. In addition to experience of an industrial research environment, the student will receive business-related training, for example, in project-management, business strategy and/or finance.

Awarding these collaborative studentships through the Doctoral Training Partnerships enables the students to take advantage of the additional benefits offered by DTPs, such as cohort-based learning and skills training provision.

iCASE students must fulfil the MIBTP entry requirements and will join the MIBTP cohort for the taught modules and masterclasses during the first term. iCASE students can start their PhD project in April 2019 but must first complete a 3-month miniproject (at a non-home institution) January - March inclusive. They will remain as an integral part of the MIBTP cohort and take part in the core networking activities and transferable skills training.

2018 iCASE projects:

University of Warwick iCASE projects:


University of Birmingham iCASE projects:


University of Leicester iCASE projects:



To apply for an iCASE studentship, please check your eligibilty and complete the MIBTP application process as outlined here. Please ensure you clearly state you are applying for an iCASE project and stipulate which project(s).

CASE Studentships

CASE studentships are collaborative training grants that provide students with a first-rate challenging research training experience, allowing top quality bioscience graduates to undertake research, leading to a PhD, within the context of a mutually beneficial research collaboration between academic and partner organisations.

All CASE research students must spend part of their time with the partner company. BBSRC now stipulates a placement period of a minimum of 3 months, and up to a maximum of 18 months. The required placement period can be accrued through a number of shorter placements, if appropriate.

MIBTP studentships can be converted into CASE studentships if a suitable non-academic partner is found.

Distinction between MIBTP iCASE studentships and MIBTP CASE studentships

  iCase Case
Industrial contribution of £1400 per annum (if company with 50 or more employees)
3 – 18 month placement
Business-related skills training during the placement required
Non-academic partner covers costs of placement
Student part of MIBTP cohort
Student completes taught modules and masterclasses in first 12 weeks
Student completes one miniproject at a non-home institution during first year
Student completes second miniproject and PIPS (internship) during first year
Student participates in MIBTP cohort activities and skills training
Studentship advertised and direct selection of student to that studentship
Studentship is advertised as part of MIBTP project portfolio and selection of students to MIBTP