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Seminar: Staphylococcus aureus infection dynamics, Dr Simon Foster, University of Sheffield

1pm - 2pm, Wed, 22 Mar '17
Location: MBU, Warwick Medical School

Abstract: S. aureus is an important human pathogen of increased significance due to the spread of antibiotic resistance. If we are to combat the scourge of antimicrobial resistance, we must understand how S. aureus causes disease and how we can use this information to better develop new control regimes. We have been examining the dynamics of S. aureus disease from the point of infection through to outcome. This has revealed a complex interplay between the pathogen and the host innate immune system, with immune bottlenecks, pathogen population containment and expansion. We have also found the native human microflora to play an important role in S. aureus infection creating a ménage a trois, the outcome of which is dependent on multiple factors. Unraveling this process provides new avenues for the design of approaches to prevent and treat infection.

1999 - present: Professor of Molecular Microbiology, University of Sheffield
1993 - 2002: Royal Society University Research Fellow, University of Sheffield
1990 - 1993: J.G.Graves Medical Research Fellow, University of Sheffield
1986 - 1990: Broodbank Fellow, University of Cambridge
1984 - 1986: PhD, University of Cambridge
1983 - 1984: PhD, University of Leeds
1980 - 1983: BSc Microbiology, University of Liverpool