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New Publication - September 2017

Bivins R Tierney S Seers K. Compassionate Care: Not easy, not free, not only nurses. BMJ Quality & Safety. Published online 28 September 2017.


Staniszewska, S, Brett J, Simera I, Seers, K, Mockford, C, Goodlad S Altman DG Moher D Barber R Denegri S Entwistle A Littlejohns P Morris C Suleman R Thomas V Tysall C (2017) GRIPP2 reporting checklist: tools to improve reporting of patient and public involvement in research. BMJ 358:j3453. Doi: 

Simultaneously published in Research Involvement and Engagement. 3:13


Toye F Seers K Hannink E Barker K (2017) A mega-ethnography of eleven systematic reviews exploring the experience of living with chronic non-malignant pain. BMC Medical Research Methodology. 17:116

Tue 17 October 2017, 14:43 | Tags: Publication

New Publication - March 2017

New publication from Dr Stephanie Tierney, Dr Liz Tutton and Prof Kate Seers with Dr Joanne Reeve "Enabling the flow of compassionate care: a grounded theory study" published in the Journal BMC Health Service Research (March 2017) and is available in full here

Tue 07 March 2017, 10:13 | Tags: Publication

New Publication - January 2017

New publication from Dr Stephanie Tierney, Dr Liz Tutton and Prof Kate Seers "Appraising the situation: a framework for understanding compassionate care" published in the Journal of Compassiomnate Health Care (January 2017) and is available in full here.

Tue 31 January 2017, 14:21 | Tags: Publication

New publication on Compassionate care

New publication from Dr Stephanie Tierney and Prof Kate Seers "Measuring compassionate care: view of healthcare staff" published in Nursing Management (December 2016) Vol 23, Number 8.

Tue 31 January 2017, 13:55 | Tags: Publication

New Publication - December 2016

New publication from Dr Kirstie Haywood - "Quality and acceptability of measures of exercise adherence in musculoskeletal settings: a systematic review" published in Rheumatology (December 2016) and is available in full here.

Mon 09 January 2017, 09:04 | Tags: Publication

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