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What is Moodle?

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Moodle is an open source Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that allows the creation of teaching resources which can be accessed through an online portal. WMS have supported students via Moodle since January 2013.

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uses the same single sign on (SSO) information as other University of Warwick services and, therefore if you are signed in to other Warwick sites, you will remain signed in when you navigate to Moodle.

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Please use our online Help Desk at any time to ask a question or track requests

Expected technical competencies

WMS students are expected to be comfortable with computer basics such as navigating between folders on their computer, connecting to the internet, browsing and interacting with web pages, downloading and uploading files through the web, emails. We encourage all students to develop their confidence with these basic capabilities to enable them to become accustomed to commonly used technologies and gain maximum benefit from the resources available.

Technical requirements

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