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Welcome to the webpages of the research group of Dr. Graham Pattison at the Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick. We are interested in developing new, useful and practical reactions for organic synthesis. We have a particular emphasis on transition metal-catalysed reactions and on the development of new methodology for fluorination. A typical project will involve a broad range of advanced synthetic and mechanistic chemistry. Please follow the links in the top bar to find out more about us and what we do.

PhD Projects 2016/17: A range of PhD projects are available in the group to start in October 2016 in the areas of synthetic methodology development and transition metal catalysis. Please email graham dot pattison at warwick dot ac dot uk if you are interested, attaching a 2-page CV.

Chancellors International Scholarships: Excellent overseas candidates interested in a PhD in the GP group should get in touch with Graham as soon as possible to discuss an application for these scholarships.

If you are interested in joining the group then please click here to find out what opportunites we have at present.

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Jun 2017: Many congratualations to Tom, whose homologative coupling of aldehydes and ketones with geminal diboron compounds is published in Organic Letters.

Jun 2017: A very warm welcome to Carmelo Iacono, who joins the group for a summer research project.

Jan 2017: Graham visits sunny Clearwater Beach, Florida for the ACS Winter Fluorine Meeting and presents our work on CF2H ketones.

Dec 2016: Graham presents the group's research at the University of Leicester.

Oct 2016: A very warm welcome to Teena Rajan and Chris Wray who join the group for their MChem research projects

Aug 2016: Congratulations to Luca whose Rh-catalyzed addition to CF2H ketones is published in Chem Comm.

Jul 2016: Welcone to Gayeong Yoo who joins us all the way from Korea for a 3 month IAESTE placement. And Tom Stephens couldn't stay away for long - he is back in the lab for a month.

Jun 2016: Graham visits sunny Sitges (Spain) for the Tetrahedron Symposium and presents a poster on our CF2H ketone work.

Jun 2016: Tom and Luca both finish in the lab and graduate with firsts. Well done both!