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Our group studies the ultrafast dynamics of excited states in nature-inspired molecules using gas-phase time resolved ion yield and velocity map ion imaging spectroscopies along with solution-phase transient electronic and vibrational absorption spectroscopies.


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12.10.17 - Collaborative work on osmium nanocrystals accepted!

Work led by Dr Nicolas Barry and his team at the University of Bradford on 'Controlled fabrication of osmium nanocrystals by electron, laser and microwave irradiation and characterisation by microfocus X-ray absorption spectroscopy' as been accepted in Chemical Communications. Congratulations all!

Sat 14 October 2017, 15:44

07.08.17 - Mick, Vic and Tolga's maleimide paper accepted!

In collaboration with Rachel O'Reilly, Mick, Vic and Tolga's paper on 'A First Step Towards a Universal Fluorescent Probe: Unravelling the Photodynamics of an Amino-Maleimide Fluorophore' has been accepted in the Jourrnal of Physical Chemistry A. Many congrats to Mick and all!

Mon 07 August 2017, 15:17

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