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We study various interesting physical properties of molecules and materials, developing theoretical models and applying computational methods (quantum and classical). We are interested in charge transport in organic materials and molecular junctions, charge transfer reactions and modelling molecular self-assembly. In the past few years our greatest efforts have been devoted to the undestanding of the elementary processes in organic solar cells and dye sensitized solar cells and the mechanism of charge transport in molecular and polymeric semiconductors. We are currently moving toward the study of coherent dynamics of charge and excitons. See the research page for a description of the ongoing projects or the publication list for a more detailed account of what we do.



Department of Chemistry (Room G101)
Gibbet Hill Rd CV4 7AL, Coventry
Phone: +44 (024) 7652 3228
Fax: +44 (024) 7652 4112
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PhD studentships available from Autumn 2017.

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