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Prospective Students - Postgraduate Studies in Scientific Computing

Are you interested in learning how to use and develop your computational skills as a scientist*? Choosing where to study is undoubtedly the most important decision that will affect your career. This is true whether you plan to continue with scientific research and development, or to apply the skills you acquire in other fields. Our postgraduates have done both, with equal success.

On these pages we outline our research interests, expertise and the facilities available to the centre, but we would encourage you to visit us so that you can talk to researchers with whom you might work, see where you would work and the equipment that you would use.

CSC offers an exciting interdisciplinary taught Masters course in Scientific Computing.

Our interdisciplinary nature allows for flexibility of study across a number of academic departments, based around a core of modules in High Performance Computing (HPC), Data Structures and Algorithms. Optional modules are available from a number of departments, covering molecular modelling, data analysis, computational mathematics and many other topics.


Please note that we at the CSC concentrate on how to solve scientific problems using computers. Most of our students come from traditional natural science disciplines. We welcome applicants with a background in computer science, but our MSc should not be confused with courses and degrees in computer science. In most cases it appears appropriate for computer scientists to apply directly at Warwick's Department of Computer Science.

The taught MSc programme is excellent for building a strong foundation in computing. I highly valued the interdisciplinary approach and the flexibility of being able to take courses across a range of scientific disciplines, according to academic interests. In particular, the MSc programme allowed me take courses in applied mathematics, statistics and computer science as solid preparation for my PhD in Predictive Modelling. I am confident that the skills and knowledge I have acquired are useful for careers in both academia and industry.

Louis Ellam

MSc in Scientific Computing 2014-15

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The Postgraduate Ambassador for the CSC is Louis Ellam l dot ellam at warwick dot ac dot uk

Please contact him if youwould like a student's perspective on our MSc