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MSc in Scientific Computing

Please note that we are not currently accepting new applications for 2017/18 entry.

Simulation of scroll waves in three-dimensional excitable media

Simulation of scroll waves in three-dimensional excitable media

It is an exciting time for Scientific Computing. With the advent of novel numerical techniques and the rapid deployment of high performance computing (HPC) hardware in industry and academia the subject is emerging as the third pillar of scientific enquiry. It links theory and observations and pushes theory beyond the assumptions required for analytically tractable solutions. The rapid take up in academia is also now reflected in the core research in industry and financial sector. To help students begin careers in Scientific Computing, be it in University or industry, the CSC offers a Taught Masters course. Students completing this MSc will receive the core skills to help them undertake either postgraduate research or enter the growing industrial and financial HPC market.

Comment from previous MSc student

"The MSc in Scientific Computing was my best academic experience so far. Each and every one of the modules were extremely interesting and packed with useful information. From parallel computing and algorithms, to complex systems and data mining, this degree gave me all that was necessary to proceed to my PhD but also kept the doors that lead to a job in the industry open."

Demetris Marnerides

MSc 2013-2014


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