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Department Seminars

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Thu, Oct 26, '17
4pm - 5pm
Reputation mechanisms: A machine learning perspective

Phil Taylor, University of Warwick

Trust and reputation allow agents to make informed decisions about potential interactions. Trust in an agent is derived from direct experience with that agent, while reputation is determined by the experiences reported by other witness agents with potentially differing viewpoints. These experiences can be represented in tuples describing the situation and outcomes of the interaction, or depicted in detail as is possible with provenance records. These experiences are typically aggregated in a trust and reputation model, of which there are several types that focus on different aspects. Such aspects include handling subjective perspectives of witnesses, dishonesty, or assessing the reputation of new agents. This talk distills reputation into its fundamental aspects, discussing first how trust and experiences and reputation information is represented and second how it is disseminated among agents. A unifying abstraction for reputation systems is presented, along example instantiations of models found in the literature. Finally, the abstraction is instantiated using machine learning approaches to pave the way for in depth analysis of provenance records for trust and reputation assessments.
Thu, Nov 2, '17
4pm - 5pm
Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems

Dr Bo Wei, Teesside University

Abstract: Dr. Bo Wei's research interests lie in mobile computing, internet of things, intelligent systems, wireless sensor networks, cyber physical systems, etc. In this talk, he will introduce some of his on-going research on intelligent cyber physical systems, including real-time recognition on resource-constrained devices and device-free context awareness using wireless signal.

Bio: Dr. Bo Wei has been a lecturer in Computer Science at Teesside University since January 2017. He obtained his PhD degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2015 from University of New South Wales, Australia. He was a research student in Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Australia from August 2011 to May 2015, and visited Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) from April 2013 to November 2013. Before joining Teesside, he was a postdoctoral research assistant in University of Oxford.

Wed, Nov 22, '17
6pm - 7pm
Anniversary Lecture: Alan Harper
Oculus Building

Alan Harper is Managing Director and co-founder of Future Games of London, a company acquired by Ubisoft in 2013. Alan is also a Warwick CS Department graduate, and is now recognised as one the the most influential people working in the British computer games industry. In 2016, Future Games' Hungry Shark had over 250M downloads and was ranked the number one game in over 100 countries.