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Dmitry Chistikov joins the Department as a new Assistant Professor

Dmitry ChistikovThe Department is welcoming our new Assistant Professor Dmitry Chistikov, who will be associated with the Division of Theory and Foundations (FoCS) and the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP).

After obtaining his Candidate of Sciences (equivalent to PhD) degree at the Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Moscow State University, Dmitry was a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, as wel as at the University of Oxford.

The general area of Dmitry's research is theoretical computer science. In particular, he is interested in theoretical foundations of verification: its algorithmic aspects (decision and counting problems) as well as combinatorial aspects (extremal properties and characteristics of mathematical models of computation).

For more information about Dmitry's research, please see his web page.

Tue 28 March 2017, 16:36 | Tags: People Research Faculty of Science

Graham Cormode awarded 2017 Adams Prize

Professor Graham Cormode has been awarded the 2017 Adams Prize by the Cambridge Faculty of Mathematics. The award recognizes his work on "Statistical Analysis of Big Data", and is awarded jointly with Professor Richard Samworth of Cambridge. Professor Cormode says,

My work, in common with Prof Samworth's, is about finding mathematical representations of data that allow useful information to be extracted effectively and accurately. These techniques allow ever larger quantities of data to be handled on ordinary computers.

Professor Cormode's work on "data sketches" has been used in companies such as Netflix, Yahoo, Twitter, Google, AT&T and Sprint. He is currently leading Warwick's involvement in the Alan Turing Institute at London, and working on questions to do with verification of machine learning, and privacy.

Sun 26 March 2017, 22:41 | Tags: People Highlight Research

Floods and hurricanes predicted with social media

flood pic

Social media can warn us about extreme weather events before they happen – such as hurricanes, storms and floods – according to new research by the University of Warwick.

Nataliya Tkachenko, with her supervisors in the Department of Computer Science, has found that photographs and key words posted online can signal weather risks developing in specific locations and times – for example, posts about water levels rising can alert the authorities to a potential flood.

Nataliya Tkachenko explains predicting floods & hurricanes with social media 7:30pm tonight on the BBC World Service.

Further Information

Tue 21 March 2017, 16:32

Sylvain Schmitz visits as IAS Residential Fellow

Dr Sylvain SchmitzAs a Residential Fellow of Warwick's Institute of Advanced Study, Dr Sylvain Schmitz is visiting the department 20-24 March 2017, for collaborative research with Dr Ranko Lazic and other members of DIMAP.

Schmitz (PhD University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis 2007) is an Assistant Professor at ENS Paris-Saclay and a permanent member of LSV, one of the top European research centres in logical aspects of computer science. In 2015, Schmitz was a Leverhulme Visiting Professor at Warwick. An author of over 40 articles in international journals and conferences, Schmitz's work has attracted over 500 citations, won best-paper awards, and been presented at several invited talks and European doctoral schools.

Mon 13 March 2017, 22:48 | Tags: People Research

Sayan Bhattacharya joins the Department as a new Assistant Professor


The Department is welcoming our new Assistant Professor Sayan Bhattacharya, who will be associated with the Division of Theory and Foundations (FoCS) and the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP).

Sayan obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Duke University (USA) in 2012. Then he did his postdoc at Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbrücken (Germany) and at University of Vienna (Austria). From October, 2014 till February, 2017, he was a faculty member at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai (India).

He works in theoretical computer science. Specifically, his research interests are in dynamic graph algorithms, data structures, online algorithms, streaming algorithms, and algorithmic game theory.

For more information about Sayan's research please see his web page at

Tue 07 March 2017, 23:47 | Tags: People Highlight

Warwick to lead new research on cancer image analytics

Professor Nasir Rajpoot from the Computer Science department will lead a new research project funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) on novel image analytics methods for computerised profiling of the tumour microenvironment. The project award in the amount of £604K is administered by the MRC's Methodology Research Programme (MRP) jointly with the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).

Working together with a team of pathologists (Prof David Snead, Prof Ian Cree, and Dr Yee-Wah Tsang) at the local UHCW NHS Trust and the University of Nottingham medical school (Prof Muhammad Ilyas), Prof Rajpoot and a team of researchers from the Warwick Mathematics and Statistics departments (Prof David Epstein and Dr Richard Savage) will develop sophisticated tools for image analytics in order to reveal spatial trends and patterns associated with disease sub-groups (for example, patient groups whose cancer is likely to advance more aggressively) and deploy those tools for clinical validation at the local UHCW NHS trust. The researchers will also collaborate with industrial partners in Intel Health & Life Sciences (HLS) team based in the UK, GE Healthcare Finnamore, and the first-rate Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD) at the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in the USA.

Thu 02 February 2017, 13:35 | Tags: Grants

Warwick graduates named most sought after by top employers

Graduation selfie

The University of Warwick has been named the university targeted by the largest number of the UK's top graduate employers, new research for the Graduate Market has found.

The success means Warwick attracted the largest number of those top graduate recruiters for campus fairs, recruitment presentations or other promotions during 2016-2017.

  • Click here to read the full report.

The Graduate Market in 2017 is a study of the latest graduate vacancies and starting salaries at the UK’s one hundred best-known and most successful employers, conducted by High Fliers Research during December 2016.

Commenting on the news Stephen ward, Head of External Relations: Careers and Skills, said:

“Warwick’s position as the most targeted university in The Graduate Market in 2017, is testament to the hard work devoted by our teams to listening to and working with employers. Whilst the report focuses on the Times Top 100 UK organisations, who are a core group for us and of interest to many Warwick students, we in Student Careers & Skills work with almost 3000 organisations on an ongoing basis, from locally based small businesses to international employers, and across sectors as diverse as charities, engineering, education, politics, creative, consultancy, and arts. In every case we apply the same care in supporting them to engage productively with Warwick students across all disciplines.

“It’s also important to recognise that employer engagement happens not just in Student Careers & Skills, but in the Students Union, Warwick’s Conferences team, the Business School, WMG, and other academic departments. Close internal partnerships are a vital part of the picture; each team plays a key role in supporting employers to get the results they need from engaging with the University and its exceptional students.”

The Graduate Market research examines how many graduates the leading employers recruited in 2016 and assesses their latest recruitment targets for 2017.

It also analyses the starting salaries on offer to new graduates, the number of paid work experience places that are available to students & recent graduates, and reviews the promotions being used by employers to publicise their graduate vacancies during the 2016-2017 recruitment season.

Fri 20 January 2017, 15:58

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