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Seminar Speakers (2017/18)

Seminar 1: The growth of doped diamond by chemical vapour deposition

Dr Shannon Nicley
Hasselt University

In this seminar I will begin by reviewing methods of diamond growth, focussing on chemical vapour deposition. I will describe both n- and p-type doping of diamond, and discuss the challenges in achieving high quality doped diamond. I will describe various characterisation methods, and conclude with a summary of strategies for achieving high quality doped single crystal diamond, focussing on substrate preparation and substrate temperature during deposition.

Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Thursday 26th October
Materials and Analytical Sciences (MAS 2.06)

Students Allocated: Lewis Mills (News & Views), Jennifer Orme (News & Views)

Seminar 2: Electron microscopy: atomic resolution images and what we can do with them

Dr Richard Beanland
University of Warwick

The interaction between high energy electrons and matter is strong and produces a myriad of effects that can be used to investigate materials. This lecture will describe some of the technical advances that have allowed atomic resolution imaging and spectroscopy in transmission electron microscopy, with some examples from semiconductors, oxides and metals. Future possibilities, for new kinds of information that may be obtained by computer control of the microscope (particularly using electron diffraction) will also be described.

Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Wednesday 25th October
Materials and Analytical Sciences (MAS 2.06)

Students Allocated: Daniel Field (Podcast), Rajesh Patel (Podcast), Tom Weaver (News & Views)

Seminar 3:

Dr Helena Knowles
University of Cambridge

Time: TBC
Wednesday 8th November
Materials and Analytical Sciences (MAS 2.06)

Students Allocated: Lewis Mills (Podcast), Jennifer Orme (Podcast), Rajesh Patel (News & Views)

Seminar 4:

Dr Ben Hourahine
University of Strathclyde

Time: TBC
Wednesday 22nd November
Materials and Analytical Sciences (MAS 2.06)

Students Allocated: James Brixey (Podcast), Daniel Field (News & Views)

Seminar 5:

Dr Paul Butler-Smith
Nottingham University

Time: TBC
Wednesday 6th December
Materials and Analytical Sciences (MAS 2.06)

Students Allocated: James Brixey (News & Views), William Leigh (Podcast)

Seminar 6:

Students Allocated: Teena Rajan (News & Views), Ryan Corbyn (News & Views)

Seminar 7:

Students Allocated: Ben Woodward (Podcast), Andrew Kirkpatrick (News & Views), Martin Lee (News & Views)

Seminar 8:

Students Allocated: Tom Weaver (Podcast), Andrew Kirkpatrick (Podcast), Martin Lee (Podcast)

Seminar 10a:

Students Allocated: Teena Rajan (Podcast), Ben Woodward (News & Views)

Seminar 10b:

Students Allocated: Ryan Corbyn (Podcast), William Leigh (News & Views TBC)

Previous Speakers (2016/17)

Seminar 1

Dr Matthias Schreck
Augsburg University

"Synthesis of single crystal diamond wafers by heteroepitaxy: Nucleation, growth, defect engineering & potential applications"

Seminar 2

Dr Gareth Taylor
Evince Technology Limited

“Why diamonds are a grid’s best friend (even though they refuse to admit it)”

Seminar 3

Laura Speich
Bristol University

"Platelet evolution in diamond as a new thermochronometer for the lithospheric mantle"

Seminar 4

Prof Daniele Dini
Imperial College London

"Multiscale modelling of surface interactions with particular application to damage and wear resistance in polycrystalline diamond tools"

Seminar 5

Dr Stuart Barnes & Dr Helen Ascroft
Warwick Manufacturing Group

"Ultrasonic Assisted Machining in WMG and Diamond Cutting Tools"

Seminar 6

Dr Lidija Siller
Newcastle University

"De-agglomeration of diamonds"

Seminar 8

Prof Martin Booth
Univerity of Oxford

"3D Dynamic Laser Processing for Functional Devices in Diamond"

Wednesday 1st March
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Location: MAS 2.06

Students Allocated: Claire Meara (News & Views), Jamie Friel (Podcast), Jack Smith (Podcast), Scott Manifold (Podcast)

Seminar 10a

Nicola Palmer
Element Six

Seminar 10b

Dr Achillefs Kapanidis
Univerity of Oxford

"Exploring DNA transactions using single-molecule tracking in living bacteria"