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Paul Hill

I studied Physics at the University of the West of Scotland and during my fourth year project I studied photonics. Looking for a PhD in this general area of physics I came across the Diamond CDT which was an incredible opportunity. A yearlong taught masters to give a good basis of knowledge (that can be applied out with the primary focus of diamonds) as well as two mini projects and a 3.5 year PhD all at separate prestigious universities (makes for a nice looking CV ;-) ). My PhD will be on hybridising diamond with GaN for integrated photonics applications and will take place in Strathclyde University in Glasgow. Met a bunch of great people so far and would recommend the course to anyone.

PhD Title: Heterogeneous integration of diamond photonic devices on non-native substrates
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Erdan Gu & Dr. Michael Strain
Institution: University of Strathclyde


1st Year PhD Ross Priory Talks Prize

"Diamond membrane fabrication for cavity enhanced nitrogen vacancy centre emissions."


Paul Hill

University of Strathclyde