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Electric Power Systems Dynamics & Control

Professor Keith Godfrey

The power systems research focuses on the development of models, methods, and analytical and software tools for the analysis, simulation and control of generation, transmission and distribution networks. The present trend towards competitive electricity markets, accompanied by higher power transfers and environmental constraints demands highly cross-disciplinary research work. This comprises power system dynamics, applied mathematics, nonlinear systems, control theory, power electronics, computing and economics in order to gain insights to, and solutions for, various operational and control problems.

Research is being carried out in the following areas:

  • Power System Dynamics: This deals with the modelling and analysis of the dynamic behaviour of large-scale power systems. The projects relate to market dynamics modelling, identification, and quantification of operational limits, assessment of system stability and security, analysis of oscillations in power systems, effect of high-speed technologies (e.g. communications, computing and power electronics) and new generation technologies (e.g. dispersed generation) on power system behaviour.
  • Power System Control: This includes the development of new control methodologies able to provide optimal performance of a power system. The major projects involve the development of a practical co-ordinated voltage control scheme for security and transfer capability enhancement, control of oscillations, and control of power flow.
  • Nonlinear Systems: Theory as applied to power systems involves stability and bifurcation analysis of detailed differential-algebraic power system models of variable structure.
  • Power Quality: This involves the study and measurement of harmonic voltage and current levels in distribution networks.
The principal industrial collaborator is The National Grid Company.

Renewable power sources provide considerable challenges for the Stability and Control of Power Systems.

The security of electricity grid systems needs to be ensured when there are lightning strikes on power lines.